2015 Nissan IDS ConceptToday, at the Tokyo Motor Skow 2015, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. unveiled the special concept that embodies Nissan's visions for the future: the zero emission, autonomous driving Nissan IDS Concept. After countless hours of improving the EV technology, the engineering team finally achieved its goal. The vehicle comes with advanced control and safety technologies, along with cutting-edge artificial intelligence. So, let's check out this sweetie in details.

Nissan IDS Concept experience

Many view the future of autonomous drive to be a sort of driving from point A to point B without some extravagant and intricate maneuvers, but Nissan team doesn't think so. This Concept will go for even higher goals: to mimic driver's manners and offer a driving experience just like his own. So, is it possible?

Even with the latest tech devices, the Concept still offers and Manual Drive mode. It offers linear and smooth acceleration and excellent flexibility. But behind the scenes, the special vehicle continues to provide some assistance and it "learns" at the same time. The EV is ready to take the control over itself, when it is exposed to danger, for example, or when it has to communicate with the driver. Furthermore, the IDS will give any useful information for the traffic conditions and personal interest.


2015 Nissan IDS Concept

Even being a hatchback, the Nissan IDS Concept offers long wheelbase that provides  comfortable seating space and offers even more space when the pilot mode is engaged. This is the special mode that makes the steering wheel to go inside the central console and being replaced by a big flat screen. Yep, it sounds like the future already. But being a hi-tech place, doesn't ultimately mean it is not comfortable and pleasurable place. The cabin is comprised with mesh leather, all the seats rotate slightly inwards and you will feel as you are relaxing in the living room. How cool is that?

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And when the driver selects the Manual Mode, the interior one more time transforms and all the seats face forward. The steering wheel appears along with all the additional driving controls, along with a special heads-up display.


2015 Nissan IDS Concept

Even though it is a tough task to make people fully trust the technology itself, Nissan tried its best. Along with the innovative communication capabilities, the vehicle will make you confident and relaxed the moment you enter the vehicle. But what about the exterior? There are numerous lights and illuminated signals. The vehicle also demonstrates sweet and beautiful body line that is actually a LED that Nissan team named Intention Indicator. When there are pedestrians coming near the machine, the strip shines white, which means it is aware of them.

The height of the full carbon fiber body is 1,380mm, while the positioning the tires close to the corners maximazes the interior space. The vehicle is geared with large-diameter wheels for high performance, but still smooth drive.

The high-tech units

2015 Nissan IDS Concept

Nissan IDS Concept is geared with 60 kWh battery and thanks to the aerodynamics, low stance and reduced weight the car meets all requirements for long-distance runs. Nissan also incorporated Piloted Pack technology that can be operated with smart phone or tablet.

So, it looks like Nissan strikes one more time. Beautiful, contemporary and flexible. Definitely a vehicle from the future.

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