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mazda cx-5 with new-generation skyactiv-d diesel engine

Mazda CX-5 with New-Generation SKYACTIV-D Diesel Engine

Mazda Motor Corporation has just started the production of the all-new Mazda CX-5. However the model will include a new-generation SKYACTIV-D 2.2-litre, super clean diesel engine. The manufacturing will take place at the Ujina Plant near Mazda's headquarters in Hiroshima. This vehicle is the first Mazda model, which ad

cars under 30 000$ you can buy today

Cars Under 30 000$ You Can Buy Today

So you have 30 000$ laying around and you want to buy a car? Well great! Always willing to give reasonable consumer advice, we at have compiled a list of the best cars out there that go effortlessly under that limit. Mazda RX-8 - Starting at $26,795 It's nice to have something exclusive just to tackle the mundane day-to-day life. So why not try the Mazda RX-8? Yes, it has been around for over 7 years now and soon it will be gone but it still is capable to put a smile

mazda takeri saloon concept

2011 Mazda TAKERI Saloon Concept

Mazda TAKERI is the new-generation mid-sized saloon concept. The vehicle was firstly presented to the market at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. This concept car is the crystallization of the new ‘KODO — Soul of Motion’ design theme and breakthrough SKYACTIV Technology. The aim is to show future of Mazda’s new-generation mid-sized saloon. From the vision of Mazda SHINARI, TAKERI has taken the four-door sports coupe. The car is equipped with unique features such as SKYACTIV-D diesel eng

2013 mazda cx-5 full specification

2013 Mazda CX-5 Full Specification

Mazda will reveal the new CX-5 at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show alongside with the Takeri Concept. The SUV adopts adopt the new KODO — Soul of Motion design theme in addition to the full range of Mazda’s breakthrough SKYACTIV Technology. Developed around SKYACTIV Technology — including all-new petrol and diesel engines, manual and automatic transmissions, bodyshell and chassis — the CX-5 is engineered to deliver precise responses and a high-quality, rewarding ride matched with outstanding

mazda i-eloop - a regenerative braking system

Mazda i-ELOOP - A Regenerative Braking System

Mazda Motor Corporation has developed introduced their regenerative braking system for road cars. The new i-ELOOP is capable of improving fuel economy by approximately 10%. This is the first system of its kind in the world to use a capacitor. It will begin to appear in Mazda vehicles from 2012. The unique capacitor technology in i-ELOOP can store large volumes of electricity and, unlike batteries, can be charged and discharged rapidly and is resistant to deterioration through prolonged use. The i-ELOOP inclu

2013 mazda cx-5

2013 Mazda CX-5

Mazda North American Operations has unveiled its all-new 2013 CX-5 compact SUV at the Los Angeles Auto Show. CX-5 embodies the perfect balance between the best of all worlds: captivating design, dynamic handling, unexpected efficiency, flexible functionality and first-class safety, with a dash of Zoom-Zoom. "The 2013 CX-5 is the vehicle compact SUV shoppers have been asking for - that only Mazda can build," commented Jim O'Sullivan, president and CEO, MNAO. "Entering an extremely competitive

bbr mazda 3 mps phase 2

BBR Mazda 3 MPS Phase 2

BBR has announced the specially tuned Mazda 3 Phase 2. It is based on the powerfull Mazda 3 MPS with 2.3 DSI engine. A lot of modifications has been made for boosting Mazda 3 MPS to 320PS. Firstly, the MPS’s standard, airflow restrictive turbo inlet hoses are replaced with high flow, cast aluminium/silicon versions specifically designed to withstand higher boost levels without deformation. To optimise inlet flow and provide superior filtration BBR replaces the stock paper airbox element wit

2012 mazda3 - upgraded

2012 Mazda3 - upgraded

2012 Mazda3 will hit the UK market in the beginning of the next year. The Upgraded Mazda3 has more muscular visual appeal with a new front end design, a revised rear bumper and new twist-spoke alloy wheel designs.  Inside, there are new materials and colours, improved ease-of-use for the driver and a quieter cabin for all to enjoy. Fuel economy across the range is enhanced thanks to the upgraded model’s refined aerodynamics which cut its Cd to just 0.29, and handling is improved, with the

mazda takeri concept saloon

Mazda TAKERI Concept Saloon

Mazda will exhibit the impressive TAKERI concept mid-size saloon at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show on Wednesday, 30 November. The manufacturer will also reveal CX-5 crossover SUV – equipped with the full array of Mazda’s breakthrough SKYACTIV Technology. Other new technologies and a full line-up of production models will also be on show. The TAKERI concept car features KODO – Soul of Motion, which will bring a new level of strength and allure to mid-size saloon styling.  Under its appealing

2011 mazda2 1.5 ts2 automatic

2011 Mazda2 1.5 TS2 Automatic

Mazda now offers Mazda2 automatic model with no advance payment. The customers also can choose the compact Mazda3 1.6 TS hatchback, with manual or automatic transmission, for an advanced payment of just £499. This year the stylish Mazda2 small car has been at the heart of the brand’s Motability programme, with the five-door, automatic model proving especially popular.  This TS2 model features a powerful 1.5-litre 102PS engine and a 4-speed automatic transmission.  0 to 100 km/h in 11.9 s

mazda rx-8 spirit r


Mazda will hit the Japanese market with a new RX-8 Spirit R special edition. The vehicle will be limited in series of just 1000 units as production ends in June 2012. The RX-8 SPIRIT R is based on the RX-8 Type RS with 6-speed manual transmission and Type E with 6-speed electronically-controlled automatic transmission. The special edition model will come with new seats and nice alloy wheels. It also includes specially tuned sport suspension and larger brakes with red calipers. The headligh

2012 mazda cx-5 at the frankfurt motor show

2012 Mazda CX-5 at the Frankfurt Motor Show

MMC (Mazda Motor Corporation) has announced the new 2012 Mazda CX-5 compact crossover SUV, which will be exhibited at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show on Tuesday, 13 September. The vehicle will adopt SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY and the new design theme - KODO – Soul of Motion. The compact crossover SUV will compete against the proven BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLK and Audi Q5. 2012 CX-5 will come with a SKYACTIV-G 2.0 gasoline engine and SKYACTIV-D 2.2 diesel engine. Both power units will be available in Standard Power and