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b&b vw scirocco – sports-coupe up to 350hp / 450nm

B&B VW Scirocco – Sports-Coupe up to 350hp / 450Nm

For more than 25 years the Siegen-based tuning partner B&B optimizes VW and Audi cars. The newest development of B&B, the tuning program for the new VW Scirocco has been finished and enables the Scirocco`s stronges engine, the 2.0 TFSI, enormous performance values up to 350hp and 450 Nm. The engine program

Golf GTI - Icons of Sportiness

“What else was there in 1976?” calls out “Strietzel”, also known as Hans-Joachim Stuck, from the driver’s window as he starts up a first generation Golf GTI after more than thirty years. “Whenever a person had a chance to drive a 911, it was a real experience. And then all of a sudden this experience was possible in the GTI too. Clearly on a different level, but affordable for everyone. That was the genius of this car, and it has stayed that way right up to today. The new GTI is a pr

Top score for the Golf in the new EuroNCAP test procedure

Once again the latest Golf has received five stars in the EuroNCAP evaluation: the European crash test programme EuroNCAP awarded the new Golf the highest score of five stars, even according to the stricter and more comprehensive assessment criteria. Furthermore, the Golf received the highest overall rating of any vehi

Safe on the go with the Bobsy

Safety, best possible protection in case of an accident and easy handling. These features make the child safety seat "Bobsy G 0-1 ISOFIX" from Volkswagen Accessories the front runner in the crash test "Small Family Car" of the Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme). The two-part variable retaining system of the "Bobsy G 0-1 ISOFIX" comprises the child safety seat and a separate platform. This makes it easier for the parents to fit the seat and prevent the risk of injuries to the ch

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Barbie Edition

Volkswagen of America, Inc. helped Mattel celebrate Barbie® doll’s 50th Birthday by transforming a New Beetle convertible into the ultimate Barbie® dream car. The life-size pink Malibu Barbie™ New Beetle convertible made its debut at Barbie® doll’s Malibu Dream House® exclusive birthday celebration. Customization artists ABD Racing Werks, Katzkin Leather and Interiors and FoamMolders fully transformed the iconic New Beetle convertible into the perfect Barbie® ride. “We are extremely proud to partner

VW Scirocco by CARACTERE

We have pleasure in presenting your our latest body styling equipment for the VW SCIROCCO 2009 This one consists of: * a front spoiler * a rear spoiler with exhaust (L & R exhaust tips) or without exhaust (foreseen for the original exhaust) * a front grill * a roof spoiler * a set of side vents and door trims All those parts are made from PURim, TÜV certified and benefit from a 5 year warranty period (2 years for the exhausts) The CW1 wheels are available in 18'

volkswagen polo bluemotion concept car

Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion Concept Car

It is still a concept – the most fuel efficient five-seater in the world. Its name: Polo BlueMotion. Fuel consumption: 3.3 liters CO2 emissions: just 87 g/km! Likelihood of going into production: extremely high! However, before a potential production launch, development must be completed on the brand new 1.2 liter TDI with common rail injection. And that is precisely what the team led by Development Chief Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg is working on with great emphasis. “I anticipate,” says Dr. Hac

Smarter, Lighter And Even Cleaner: Fifth Generation Polo Unveiled

The fifth generation of Volkswagen’s evergreen supermini, the Polo, has been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, 34 years after the original went on sale in the UK. It’s sharper, lighter, safer and more cutting edge than ever before and is set to establish new standards in the small car class. Not only does the new Polo weigh 7.5 per cent less than the vehicle it replaces – despite being marginally wider and longer – but it’s also strong

Over 500 kg of recyclates in new Golf

Volkswagen commissioned an audit into the use of secondary raw materials known as recyclates in the new Golf. The investigation showed that 527 kg of secondary raw materials, or over 40 percent of the vehicle weight, are used in the new Golf, thus conserving resources. As a result, the new Golf not only excels with its efficient TSI and common rail engines, but also through the use of environmentally-friendly materials. This is the first time that an audit into the use of recyclates in a complet

VW Announces Latest Special Edition New Beetle Convertible - “Blush”

Volkswagen of America, Inc. has long been known for offering special edition models with unique characteristics that create excitement in showrooms and individuality among owners. Volkswagen’s latest special edition, the New Beetle convertible “Blush”, builds on the already great features of the standard version with added elements and design cues that are exclusive to this limited edition. The special edition 2009 New Beetle convertible

BlueMotionTechnologies – Volkswagen presents a new world of efficiency

BlueMotionTechnologies bundles Volkswagen’s best environmental technologies of today to fulfill the automotive aspirations of tomorrow. These are developments such as the new start-stop system and energy recovery by regenerative braking, electric drives and hybrid systems as well as clever drive systems like the one in the new TSI EcoFuel. To the point: its aim is no less than to bring the cleanest and most economical cars to the streets. To

ABT on the Tokyo Auto Salon 2009

Simultaneously to the Detroit Auto Show Asia’s leading trade show in the automobile sector took place from January 9th through 11th: the Tokyo Auto Salon. With over 600 cars being presented and more than 300 exhibitors, the convention is the worldwide biggest of its kind. Promptly to the beginning of the year ABT Sportsline was able to present two of the main sellers from Bavaria. Together with the Lager Cooperation the leading tuner for cars of the Volkswagen group presented its ABT Touareg