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2020 toyota corolla hybrid takes a prestigious award home!

2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid takes a prestigious award home!

The all-new 2020 Corolla was introduced last Spring with revised exterior looks, enhanced driving technologies and additional standard features. Of course, the biggest addition was the Hybrid drivetrain – it delivers an estimated 52 MPG combined and was especially appealing to the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press Association, which awarded new Corolla Hybrid 2020 Rocky Mountain Car of the Year. Remaining one of Toyota’s best-selling models, if not the best-selling, Corolla continues to impress

2020 corolla receives a sexy nightshade upgrade pack

2020 Corolla receives a sexy Nightshade upgrade pack

New Toyota Corolla lineup gets a fancy new Nightshade upgrade. These vehicles will be offered as Special Editions and are part of the 2020 model year. The exclusive upgrade can be installed on six models – 4Runner, Camry, Highlander, and Sienna. All-new 2020 Corolla was introduced earlier this year with a new grade ideology, revised and sexy exterior, and a driver-focused interior. And now, six months later, the Nightshade Edition adds an additional level of sophistication and technological g

inside the new toyota corolla

Inside the New Toyota Corolla

The car industry is exciting –perhaps now more than ever. 2019 looks set to increase its appeal even more. And it’s largely down to its available models. One manufacturer seems to tower above all makes. Whether a new or used Toyota, this manufacturer can deliver exceptional quality. The Toyota Corolla is no exception. It was first exhibited at the 2018 Paris motor show in October. Now, it’s available to buy. Why is it so special, though? Let’s find out. Origins Toyota has long

toyota reveals more details about all-new corolla lineup

Toyota reveals more details about all-new Corolla lineup

Toyota Corolla remains one of brand’s best vehicles. And by all it seems that Toyota team would not stop refining and improving the agile beauty. And here we are reviewing the latest Corolla hatch – it is as sexy and as advanced as its predecessors, but also features some changes and goodies that would meet the requirements of the new model year. Styling First of all, this unit is longer, lower and wider, compared to older models. This results in more dynamic, elegant and sophisticated present

let's talk about new corolla's safety features, shall we?

Let's talk about new Corolla's safety features, shall we?

The new Corolla hatch is here and it brings tons of advanced safety and utility features. And as it seems, this would become the strongest perk of the new model – along with the refined drivetrain system and all advanced infotainment gadgets, Toyota team decided to focus on delivering us some neat safety gadgets. So, let’s check ‘em out! Let’s start with the usual ones: there’s Active Cruise Control, Pre-Collision Safety System, seven airbags and revised reversing camera are just some of the

toyota announces further details about the new corolla hybrid

Toyota announces further details about the new Corolla Hybrid

The new Corolla hatch is engineered with the sole purpose to be the vehicle that would incorporate the latest generation of hybrid technology that Toyota has brought to us. What we will witness in August this year is releasing a vehicle that offers improved durability, driveability and tractability. How? Let’s find out! Corolla comes with upgraded Hybrid Synergy Drive system and advanced 1.8-liter petrol electric engine. This new power unit would aid the vehicle in the goal to be more self-su

toyota presents sportier and more agile corolla hybrid

Toyota presents sportier and more agile Corolla Hybrid

Toyota presents next-gen Corolla hatch with additional drivetrain upgrades and sportier overall performance. Thanks to the 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol unit, the vehicle is capable of producing a total of 125kW and peak torque of 200Nm. Sweet. Furthermore, this power unit is mated to an intelligent manual gearbox that offers shorter gear shifts and improved fuel efficiency. Sweet. And the coolest thing of all – it comes with paddle shifters and a dedicated sport mode. Additional driv

toyota teases picture of the new corolla machine. details here.

Toyota teases picture of the new Corolla machine. Details here.

Toyota about to unveil the latest generation Corolla. As we all know, this is one of the best-selling models and definitely one of brand’s most popular. The global debut will be accompanied by an exhaustive review and showcase of vehicle’s features and capabilities. In fact, at the Geneva Show Toyota team would also present a new racing concept machine that would mark brand’s return to the world of motorsport. Driven by “mobility for all” motto, the team has also planned to showcase wide rang

toyota shows revisited corolla range and 86 sports car for the first time 

Toyota shows revisited Corolla range and 86 sports car for the first time 

So these are the restyled 2017 Corolla iM hatch and 86 sports car. Toyota also made revisions on the Corolla lineup, but there are no pictures to show. Anyway, you can see the similarity between the Scion FR-S and the 86 and this is because the recently “closed” Scion brand, has entirely transitioned to the Toyota. If this is nothing new to you, then you’ll see that the cars are identical. Well, almost. 2017 Toyota 86 There are some additions to the 2017 model year car, like the more aggre

manga-inspired toyota gt86 initial d concept pays tribute to the mid-80s ae86 corolla

Manga-inspired Toyota GT86 Initial D Concept pays tribute to the mid-80s AE86 Corolla

Car from Initial D manga comics is the inspiration for the GT86 concept If you are into manga, then you have probably heard of the Initial D: cult Japanese comics, where the young hero, Takumi Fujiwara, drove a modified AE86. He honed his driving skills on mountain roads as delivery driver for his father’s tofu shop. As you can expect, the car immediately became a star, influencing the emerging drifting scene and inspiring a live action movie and various arcade games. What’s even more

2016 corolla hybrid is here. along with its long nose.

2016 Corolla Hybrid is here. Along with its long nose.

Usually Toyota combines this well-known appearance with brand's dominant hybrid technology and launches a specific model. This time the new chosen one is the Corolla that is expected to offer better fuel economy, sharper handling and overall acceptable quality:price ratio. So, let's see what did Toyota do good and what did Toyota not do good. We should mention that Toyota tries its best to deliver high-quality drivetrain systems and with its range of hybrid units, the brand really caught our

toyota corolla hybrid is the fifth hybrid in company’s synergy drive range

Toyota Corolla Hybrid is the Fifth Hybrid in Company’s Synergy Drive Range

Toyota has released a Corolla Hybrid for its Australian customers, but we are sure that this will happen very soon for the rest of the world, too. So lets teak a sneak preview of the direction Toyota is undertaking. The Corolla Hybrid Hatch will be introduced as well-specified single grade, just like its siblings that have Hybrid Synergy Drive. It will be actually the fifth model following in the range, following the Prius, Prius c, Prius v and Camry. An abundance of features will be included