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dodge sold out all of the viper final editions. in a matter of minutes

Dodge sold out all of the Viper Final Editions. In a matter of minutes

Dodge Viper goes fast. We all know that. But what did we not know is how fast it goes. You may wonder what I mean? Well, after first going on sale on Friday, June 24, the 206 special edition 2017 Dodge 25th Anniversary is sold out. Totally. The leader of the selling spree was the 1:28 Edition ACR. There were a total of 28 units that were sold in about 40 minutes. Vooodoo II Edition ACRs were sold in 2 hours. All 31 vehicles. Snakeskin Edition GTC and the GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR wi

the viper is dead. dodge says last goodbye with five limited edition models

The Viper is DEAD. Dodge says last goodbye with five limited edition models

Celebrating the 25th and final anniversary of the famous supercar You can say your last goodbye to the famous and iconic American supercar, Dodge Viper, because these five examples are the last variants that will come to life. Yes, the Viper is completely dead. Ironically, the released variants are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the model, but this also marks an unsatisfying death at a young age, doesn’t it? To sum up the life of the Viper: Dodge introduced it back in 1992, creating

the hellcat is back with 900hp and more aggressive than ever!

The Hellcat is back with 900HP and more aggressive than ever!

Prior-Design is mostly famous for its exclusive tuning and aerodynamic kits as well as beautiful sets of wheels. We can hardly expect from these experts engine uprating or even something that can bring out more from the inherent power of car’s powerplant. However, the case with their latest project is actually the opposite and we have surprisingly found that Prior-Design can actually make things pretty cool! The chosen car is the newest Dodge Challenger Hellcat, which impresses with its stock

this red hot dodge challenger coming directly from... hell

This Red Hot Dodge Challenger coming directly from... Hell

If the devil had a ride it would be most definitely this Dodge Challenger Hellcat. With its Red Hot exterior paint scheme and one-off tuning pack, this is the most badass vehicle we have seen for awhile. Four different names are involved in the making, precisely Liberty Walk, KW, PUR Wheels and the Canadian tuning masters at SR Auto Group. The tough part of the work can be attributed to the experts at the SR Auto, who have designed and put together this incredible project. As you can see noth

metro detroit dodge dealers have a rather tasty offer for all the hollywood vampires fans out there!

Metro Detroit Dodge dealers have a rather tasty offer for all the Hollywood Vampires fans out there!

The thirty-nine Metro Detroit Dodge dealers are running a special "Tickets for Test Drive" promotion. Nothing unusual by far, right? Well, the interesting part is that there are about 4,000 tickets for the "Dodge Presents The Hollywood Vampires" event on Saturday, July 16, at the DTE Energy Music Theatre for consumers who test drive the new Dodge vehicles. As you know, Hollywood Vampires are Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp. Already open for giveaway, the Metro Detroit Dodge team w

mopar auction will show unique muscle models [w/video]

Mopar auction will show unique muscle models [w/video]

Mopar fans, the dedicated group of enthusiasts, have helped drive incredible demand for vintage Plymouth and Dodge muscle cars throughout the years. Mopar muscle cars lovers out there will be pleased to know that there will be a special auction with more than 30 Hemi-powered cars as Plymouth Hemi Cuda and Dodge Hemi Challenger, at the Dana Mecum's 29th annual Original Spring Classic. There will be two street-legal Plymouth Hemi Cudas, two exceptional Plymouth Hemi drag races, 1971 Plymout

you think dodge had enough with dart lineup? think again!

You Think Dodge Had Enough With Dart Lineup? Think Again!

Dodge simplifies the 2016 Dart lineup with three additional models and tons of new features. The Dart SXT Sport, Dart Turbo an Dart GT Sport are now official members of the well-known lineup. Available in Chrome, Rallye and Blacktop packages, these sweeties have a lot to offer. Let's check out what is going on here! The simplified Dart lineup still delivers small car pricing with mid-size vehicle comfort and the three additional vehicles will proudly and confidently keep the high positions of

dodge releases new exterior color lineup for charger and challenger models

Dodge Releases New Exterior Color Lineup for Charger and Challenger Models

"Plum Crazy" purple, "B5 Blue" and "Sublime" green are the new exterior colors that will further enhance Dodge Charger and Challenger muscle cars' exterior presence. The recently revealed vehicles, coming straight out of the FCA US' Brampton Assembly Plant will rule the streets not only with incredible performance stats, but also with striking visuals. For the 2016 season Dodge expands the exterior color range with modern version of the Go Mango finish, first shown on the 2016 Dodge Challenge

dodge releases two appearance packages for 2016 durango model

Dodge Releases Two Appearance Packages for 2016 Durango Model

2016 Dodge Durango will benefit from two additional upgrade packs: Brass Monkey and Anodized Platinum. Especially created to enhance the visuals of the vehicle, these two will be available in second quarter of 2016. The first one, the Brass Monkey appearance pack is available on the Durango Limited modes and includes 20-inch Burnished Bronze aluminum wheels, Gloss Black grille and special exterior badge, along with monochromatic exterior. As you might remember, the Brass Monkey was also avail

darth vader’s viper acr and stormtrooper’s challenger and charger take over l.a. [video]

Darth Vader’s Viper ACR and Stormtrooper’s Challenger and Charger Take Over L.A. [VIDEO]

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is the movie we have all been waiting for a very long time! The future blockbuster is premiering on December 18th and everybody is going crazy about that. Including Dodge. Since it has released the promo video called “the Force Gathers”, it was about time for some additional news for those cool vehicles featured in the advertisement. It is definitely the best time (the weekend before "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" opens in theaters worldwide) for Dodge to take t

the force awakens: dodge joins the dark side [video]

The Force Awakens: Dodge Joins the Dark Side [VIDEO]

If Darth Vader lived in today’s world and had to choose a vehicle, I bet he’d go for a Dodge Viper ACR. And since the premiere of the latest Start Wars Series, called “The Force Awakens” is intimidatingly near, December18th, then there is nothing better to talk about the strange combination of the ‘Dark Side’ and… Dodge cars. The company has just released a cool TV ad to promote the future blockbuster. Of course, you will hear the Imperial March, but what you will see is unexpectedly exciting

geigercars.de and the 710hp aero dodge viper gts r710

GeigerCars.de and the 710HP Aero Dodge Viper GTS R710

GeigerCars.de are tuning experts known for their quality work on American supercars. One of the most famous and iconic old style US muscle cars that they have been lately working on is the Dodge Viper GTS R710. Under the bonnet of this car sleeps the beastie naturally aspirated 8.4-litre V10 motor. And as a matter of fact, the reputation of the Viper was built exactly on that engine. As a standard, the unit produces 649 hp (478 kW) and 814 Nm (601 lb-ft) of torque. GeigerCars.de stepped on th