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vuhl 05 is coming to uk & middle east loaded with a… righthand drive

VUHL 05 is Coming to UK & Middle East Loaded with a… Righthand Drive

Do you remember the Mexican car with a strange name VUHL 05? Well if you do and you are based in the United Kingdom or in the Middle East, then you can now purchase this unusual racing vehicle now with a righthand drive. By the way, those who were cleverer than us and who didn’t wait to hear this announcement have already done this and they are now driving their VUHLs since, the first customer cars have been already delivered. UK Appearances The expectations for the lightweight supercar are hi

exclusive: magnum mk5 revealed

EXCLUSIVE: Magnum MK5 Revealed

Magnum MK5 which was teased couple of times in the past weeks is now fully revealed. The vehicle is the first track-focused street-legal lightweight supercar produced in Canada. MK5 has the goal to offer an unforgettable and unique driving experience similar to a one that a real racecar can deliver. For this reason the sportcar was equipped with engine which delivers 250 horsepower (183 kW). It also was put through a completed its development program, including 3 years of extensive track test

teaser: take a look under the cover of magnum mk5 [video]

TEASER: Take A Look Under The Cover Of Magnum MK5 [VIDEO]

Exactly a week ago the Canadian manufacturer Magnum Cars has announced that it is going to build a brand new super-light sports-vehicle with the release of a teaser video and some scarce information about the car. Now, the brand is releasing a new footage which shows how the cover of the Magnum MK5 is being slowly lifted and as a result we get some first impressions of its athletic and rugged forms. Full details and the official unveil of the MK5 will happen on 30th of October, when the veil

magnum mk5: new racecar to be born [video]

Magnum MK5: New Racecar To Be Born [VIDEO]

Another teaser for the day comes from the Canadian manufacturer Magnum Cars, but this time in video form. The racecar specialists are going to introduce to the automotive world very soon a new lightweight supercar. The veil will be lifted on 30th of October, when the high performance two-seater supercar, named the Magnum MK5 will show its full glory. What has been revealed so far is that the vehicle will be both street-legal and track-focused. The development of the MK5 went through thorou

vuhl 05 enters production

VUHL 05 Enters Production

The exclusive new model VUHL 05 was officially revealed in the beginning of July. Then it made a highly successful public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. At the event were shown a complete car and separate chassis, and then the capabilities of the car were demonstrated on the hill by Esteban Gutierrez. The success it gained there now leads to the logical consequence of the start of production of the innovative VUHL 05 in November this year. The first cars are planned to enter custome

exclusive: vuhl 05 revealed!

EXCLUSIVE: VUHL 05 Revealed!

The VŪHL 05 has been finally revealed and shown to an exclusive audience at an event in Royal Automobile Club in London. After many months of secrecy and a few teasers released, the road-legal lightweight supercar has finally arrived. The vehicle is an innovative mid-engined two-seater born of a motorsport heritage. The car is a project of Guillermo and Iker Echeverria, who were inspired by their father that was a professional driver who built and successfully raced his own cars for 30 years.

vuhl 05 confirmed for 2013 salon prive

VUHL 05 Confirmed For 2013 Salon Prive

At this year’s Salon Prive the visitors will have the opportunity of seeing the debut of a future legend. We are speaking here about the highly anticipated new supercar from Mexico - VUHL 05, which will be on the lawns of Syon Park in September. Although we don’t know much about the forthcoming vehicle, the information that has been released so far reveals that the VUHL 05 will be a road-legal lightweight supercar. It has been precision-engineered for the track and endowed with exhilarating p

exclusive new images of vuhl 05 released [teaser]

Exclusive New Images Of VUHL 05 Released [TEASER]

VUHL 05 - the Road-Legal Lightweight Supercar was teased back in March and now it is time to see something more of it. Ahead of its official debut at Goodwood Festval of Speed, the brand has released two new images of the upcoming model. One of them is showing that the car is currently being tested at a secret location. In addition, VŪHL Automotive has confirmed that it has entered into a technical collaboration with Michelin. The latter will support the new sports car with set of new tyres.

vuhl 05: the road-legal lightweight supercar [teaser]

VUHL 05: The Road-Legal Lightweight Supercar [TEASER]

You maybe haven’t heard the name VŪHL before. Well, it is time to remember it, because it is of a highly specialist vehicle manufacturer which is going to come out of the dark very soon. The company is set to release its first production vehicle named VŪHL 05, which is a road-legal lightweight supercar. The model has been precision-engineered for the track and in addition it has been given with astonishing performance. We will see its official debut at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed,