2020 Hyundai ProphecyHyundai Motor Company will unveil its latest EV concept, "Prophecy", expressing the brand's latest design language, at the upcoming Geneva International Motor Show, on March 3, 2020. The conceptual vehicle will remain on display until March 15th.

In line with the brand's "Sensuous Sportiness" design idea, new Prophecy embodies an appealing silhouette accentuated by elegant curves that flow over broad rear flanks that provide neat aerodynamics. Also, the boat-tail line created by the rear quarter panels is complemented by the integrated spoiler and pixel lamp taillights.

As expected, "Prophecy" doesn't follow trends. The entire idea is that the team focuses on the timeless beauty that will stand the test of time. Definitely an appealing vehicle, "Prophecy" stands out from the crowd and showcases how the future would look like. The name itself reflects on the concept's purpose, defining the direction of future Hyundai automobiles.

As expected, Hyundai team confidently marches towards its goal to become one of the most influential and innovative manufacturers out there and it seems that it is doing a great job at reaching this goal – with all the technologies and solutions presented to the public, it is out of the question that Hyundai will retain its positions as one of the best brands in the world!

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Hyundai "Prophecy" concept EV will be unveiled on March 3, at the Geneva International Motor Show. Stick with us for further details.

Source: Hyundai