Do you remember the exuberating light blue Mustang GT from the SEMA Show? Precisely, we are talking about Petty's Garage project which stunned the public with its new characteristics and key modifications. Now, the muscle car is heading to Ford's dealerships, where exactly 143 units of it will be sold. Depending on the Stage program, they will come in two "forms". The Stage 1 version will be narrowed to 100 examples and the rest 43 units will be reserved for the Stage 2 Mustang.

Every single Petty's Garage modified Mustang GT will come equipped with Ford Racing/Roush supercharger, which acts in means of enhancing the power output of the car. There are also one-of-a-kind styling enhancements like Richard Petty's signature featured on the dashboard.

The first version of the car, meaning Stage 1 Petty's Garage Mustang GT, will boast remodeled rear fascia that now has center-exit exhaust as well as racing-inspired spoiler. The exterior will also benefit from one-off 20-inch Petty's Garage HRE FlowForm wheels coupled with Continental rubbers.

Stage 2 version features in-house made Wilwood big brake and will give the muscle beast two-tone exterior paint finish like the car we have seen at SEMA. The wheels here are HRE three-piece forged-aluminum ones. Both Stages sport minor interior design changes like embroidered head restraints and floor mats, an the mentioned signature on the dashboard.

Under the hood, one can find the updated 5.0-liter engine. The enhancements in the horsepower resulting in 627 hp (461 kW) are due to the addition of Ford Racing/Roush supercharger, cold air intake and MagnaFlow exhaust system as well as the custom engine calibration.

Do you know who has already ordered the first Petty's Garage Stage 2 Mustang GT? We'll give you a hint: he is a real rock 'n' roll legend! He is AC/DC's Brian Johnson who made the first purchase, meaning that there are only 42 Stage 2 cars left. So if you are interested in buying one you'd better hurry and prepare $92,210 USD for the Stage 2 version. If you are interested in buying the other one, then you'll need $62,210 USD.

Source: Ford