2016 Nissan LEAF Spotify Playlist Nissan launches special Spotify playlist exclusive for all LEAF fans out there in celebration of the fifth anniversary of the world's first all-electric Nissan LEAF. All Spotify users now can search for the "100% Nissan LEAF 5th Birthday" playlist and enjoy the special 10 fan-suggested songs that can be streamed on all Nissan vehicles.

As you remember, the first all-electric Nissan LEAF vehicle was unveiled back in December 11, 2010 at the San Francisco Motor Show and since this glorious moment, Nissan has kept its positions as a world leader in electric vehicles with its almost 200,000 all-electric LEAF units sold worldwide.

And with the recently introduced 2016 LEAF, Nissan aims for even higher aims: the vehicle offers best-in-class range of 192 km (107 miles), ensured by the 30kWh battery. In fact, the LEAF S models will still be geared with the 24kWh batteries that provide about 151 kilometers (84 miles) of driving range.

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All LEAF models are geared with a 80kW AC synchronous unit that generates 107 hp (82kW) and 187 lb-ft of torque. The vehicles provide high response, fun-to-drive experience and of course, there are no emissions of CO2.

It is good to hear that leading automobile brands are trying their best in order to deliver contemporary, technologically fascinating and ecologically clean vehicles. Hopefully this tendency will not only remain, but it will hit new heights.

So, how do you find the playlist?

Source: Nissan