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is it possible to train drivers on self-driving cars in an augmented reality environment? let’s find out

Training drivers is not that easy, and it is more than enough to have you pulling your hair out while training them, unless you love to live on the edge for the adrenal rush or have a death wish. The most effective way to educate drivers, apart from driving around in one of these double steering or one with SANS steering cars with an extra braking system, is to use a virtual reality style, simulator, although a cruder version than say a plane

new possibilities unlocked - vinchain custom token

We’re always striving to innovate and improve the automotive industry, and today we’re excited to announce that we’ve made a huge leap in doing just that! VINchain is now able to provide its blockchain as a service (BaaS) to other companies looking to embrace blockchain technology. We are doing this by allowing c

2011 AC Cobra will actually hit the market. The roadster will has its debut at the Geneva auto Show this March. It is company's 110th birthday, which will be marked by the new vehicle. This is the sixth generation of this model and features a Corvette V8 engine developing 430HP. The price will be 109 000 EUR. AC cars are now available from three distinguished car producers in Europe and the US who are producing top quality AC-badged cars.These are not replicas or kit cars but hand-craft