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Lamborghini News

lamborghini unveiled the 2015 superveloce

At the 16th Shanghai International Automobile show, Automobili Lamborghini unveiled the Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce. This is the Asian debut of the 2015 Aventador, that is part of the Superveloce lineup. The lineup itself is the most sports-focused, fastest and aggressive, that Lamborghini has ever created. This is a beast, built with passion and desire, like no other. And as a pure Lamborghini, the 2015 Aventador combines all the brand's signature features: style, cutting-edge, aggressiveness and purity. In

vorsteiner shows custom huracan verona edizione

Lamborghini is a company that always excites us. Rarely there is a person in the world that doesn’t like something about the supercars it produces. Even more exciting is when we see a Lambo getting “dressed up” by a tuner known for the high-quality expertise. This is the case with the Huracan here, since it has been given a special touch by the professionals at Vorsteiner. The most important fact about this tuning is that this Lambo received a new goose neck wing. It was made of aluminum and painted in a c

gmg racing releases one-off huracan [video]

GMG Racing is a South California based team which is experienced in the tuning of special European vehicles. Their last project features this awesome Lambo, which, as the tuner say, is a supercar that can be driven everyday. Although there aren’t big modifications here, but only subtle ones, we are sure that this car is worth reviewing, given that it really looks stunning. First, the specialists began with Huracan’s exhaust. They have changed it with in-house made GMG Sport Exhaust, which actually boosts the

sr auto surprises with aero package for lamborghini aventador

After the very good feedback from the joint project of Liberty Walk and SR Auto Group, the insane Ferrari 458 Spider, the Canadian specialists are now presenting their next intriguing machine. If you have followed their work, then you should know that they have this special relationship with Lamborghini cars. When it comes to tuning them, they simply do their best. The matte black exterior you see is not a new thing, but it is factory made. Ho

concours d'elegance meets lamborghini aventador lp 750-4 sv

Lamborghini is a brand which deserves all the attention it receives; there is no second thought on that, right? Since, we’ve showed you yesterday the graceful birth of the LP740 it is now time for more news around the Aventador. This time on spot is the LP750-4 SuperVeloce which has debuted at the Geneva Motor Show i

watch how lamborghini lp740 is born [video]

We usually do not comment on advertisements but when we do, this means that we were impressed by what we have seen. The case with the ad reviewed here is the same and I must admit that it is very rare for me to be left speechless after watching any kind of commercial. But it is exactly what the director Alessandro Pacciani commercial did to me. In short, the video depicts the birth of Aventador LP740. And what happens in it is a vivid depiction that in the beginning were only ashes coming from an active volcano.

lamborghini aventador lp750-4 superveloce: lighter and more powerful [video]

Yes, it is an Aventador, it is a SuperVeloce and it is a pure Lambo. Our expectations proved right since this is the model we predicted that it’s going to debut in Geneva. Lamborghini says that the Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce is an expression of the purest essence of company’s super sports car. And this is why: first of all the vehicle is powered by the enhanced 6.5 liter V12 unit, which is capable of producing 750 horsepower (552 kW) at 8

is this the new aventador? [video]

You can’t possibly know which is the most reactive car in the world, because it hasn’t been released yet. You can have an idea though. Is it a Bugatti, since the “La Finale” version was sold? Or possibly a new Ferrari heading towards its Geneva premiere? Our thoughts are in the right direction because the car we are talking about is European product. Yes, it is the new Lambo that we are going to see for the first time in the Swiss capital. How do we know? Well, Lamborghini has just re

mansory unleashes 838 hp lamborghini huracan

The tuners at Mansory have surprised us with a very special project. As they say, they have refined the Huracán to the highest level. Shortly before the official debut of the car in Geneva, the specialists gave us the first glimpse of the refining program for the Lambo model. The pictures clearly show that the vehicle has been widened and now has more purposeful stance. The bodywork program differs significantly from the standard series vehicle. There are design elements such as the exclusive daytime driving li

dmc teases new lambo lineup ahead of geneva debut

It took exactly five years for the luxury tuning company DMC to be accepted to join the renowned Geneva Motor Show. The good new is that this year the visitors of the famous car exhibit will have the opportunity to “meet” the brand and get to know its work better. As a matter of fact, if one company wants to join 

dmc lamborghini huracan is already tuv-approved

Safety, high-quality and class have always been among the top priorities for DMC. Always showing the best of their skills, the tuning experts know what’s missing in the style of a certain automobile and, therefore, manage to add it. Thanks to the excellent craftsmanship of the luxury tuner, different Lamborghini models and other sport cars have received some of the best enhancement packages ever. Now, the TUV in Germany has tested DMC's carbon fiber and stated that it is not only safe and reliable but “e

liberty walk lamborghini huracan brings the sound of extreme power

When it comes to mind-blowing, unconventional, crazy super cars transformations, there is not better tuner than the Japanese company named Liberty Walk. Their “in-your-face” modified vehicles dazzle with outlandish appearance and screaming performance. Such creations are simple impossible to be left unnoticed. Today, the guys from Liberty Walk shared first images of the upcoming Lamborghini Huracan project and it seems determined to ru