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rr turbo is now available through ats corsa dealers

RR Turbo is now available through ATS Corsa dealers

Totaalplan Racing is the team that will represent ATS CORSA, Borgomanero car manufacturer race division, in the new Benelux area, while MAXPRPM Motorsport remains the US partner. TotaalPlan Racing is a brand in Belgium and focuses on supporting WRC Championship teams. The experts provide knowledge and services in en

five facts about the new lamborghini huracan sto

Five facts about the new Lamborghini Huracan STO

The newest Lambo family member to be unveiled, the Huracan STO (Super Trofeo Omologata) is inspired by the Lamborghini team’s race cars: the Huracan EVO Super Trofeo and Huracan EVO GT3, the 3-time winner of the 24 Hours of Daytona and two-time winner of the 12-hours of Sebring. Huracan STO develops a total of 640hp via the naturally-aspirated V10 power unit and 565Nm at 6,500rpm, a setup that allows it to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 3.0 seconds and from 0 to 200km/h in 9.0 seconds. The vehicle has a top s

wheelsandmore lamborghini urus tuning

2019 Wheelsandmore Lamborghini Urus Tuning

With 650 horsepower and 850Nm of torque the Urus ranged at the top of all SUV power cars until the Bentayga Speed was launched. Wheelsandmore lifts the Urus back again up to the pole position of this segment and offers 3 different upgrades, which makes a visit to the tuner from the Rhineland not necessary because all components can be installed without costly conversions to the car. All upgrades can be implemented either with an easy to install additional control unit or by remapping the ecu

lamborghini aventador era

2021 Lamborghini Aventador ERA

Huber is a bespoke coach builder based in the United Arab Emirates with an international audience of super car owners who seek excellence and world class quality when it comes to refining their vehicles. Entitled ‘Era’ to mark ten years of the Lamborghini Aventador, and to pay homage to the end of its production, the team have focused on creating a new kind of aero package that pays homage to the original Aventador DNA. The Huber Era aspires to usher in a new way that automotive desi

a record september for automobili lamborghini

A record September for Automobili Lamborghini

Automobili Lamborghini has achieved a record of September in terms of commercial results with 738 units delivered to customers in one month: its best September ever. A consistently positive trend over the last three months resulted in 2,083 units delivered to customers in the third quarter of 2020, illustrating the energy with which Lamborghini responded to a period of new challenges. Despite a difficult year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, Lamborghini has adopted opportunities to reorganize and manage a bu

lambo presents new huracan evo gt celebration limited model!

Lambo presents new Huracan EVO GT Celebration limited model!

As we have told you, Lambo team announced new models at the Monterey Car Week event. Along with the sexy and exclusive SVJ Roadster, the manufacturer also unveiled Huracan EVO GT Celebration model. It is a tribute model and features tons of exclusive goodies that altogether make it stand out from the crowd. Let’s check it out! Huracan EVO GT Celebration This is a tribute vehicle to the Huracan GT3 EVO, which triumphed at the 24 Hours of Dayto

lamborghini reveals a limited run of svj 63 aventador machines

Lamborghini reveals a limited run of SVJ 63 Aventador machines

Lamborghini team presents new Aventador SVJ 63 Roadster, a limited edition machine, influenced by the iconic V12 super sports car at Monterey Car Week, USA. Let’s check it out! By presenting this machine, Lamborghini’s Centro Stile design team and Ad Personam department have created incredibly large choice of options through Lamborghini’s personalization program. The vehicle itself is limited to mere 63 units, each of which feature uniqu

sizzling hot pantones to watch out for in 2019/2020

Sizzling Hot Pantones To Watch Out For In 2019/2020

The latest Pantone color palettes have been published, and far from merely dominating the fashion world, they are also taking the automotive industry by storm. If masculine greys, pristine whites and cherry reds have dominated the color game for the past decade, car fans are seeing a huge turn-around in 2019, with b

lamborghini sc18 alston

2019 Lamborghini SC18 Alston

Lamborghini Squadra Corse reveals new SC18, the first one-off in brand’s history and motorsport division. This is a unique machine with tons of features that were designed altogether with a customer and Centro Stile Lamborghini team – a road-approved sportscar with a spirit of a pure track-ready beast! Let’s find out more! As you might well expect, such a vehicle features extreme aerodynamics - developed especially for this model and derived from Squadra Corse’s experience in the comp

wheelsandmore take a closer look at a lambo aventador beauty

Wheelsandmore take a closer look at a Lambo Aventador beauty

The German tuning studio Wheelsandmore launched an impressive project that includes a mighty (and sexy) Lambo Aventador S roadster. Project’s name? S-Presso. Let’s find out more! Although the stock model comes with 740hp and 690Nm of torque, Wheelsandmore team has decided to make some tweaks here and there. Boosting the total power output to 785hp and 710Nm of torque, the engineers have also included new and lighter valve flap exhaust and

lambo team reveals the latest urus suv at prestigious auto event

Lambo team reveals the latest Urus SUV at prestigious auto event

Salon Privé’s 2018 new-car lineup has included the mighty Lamborghini Urus Super SUV. As you might remember, the vehicle was first revealed back in December, 2017 at brand’s headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese and a few months later made its global debut at the Geneva Motor show. Featuring refined drivetrain system and advanced technologies, the Urus has managed to fill a certain niche in the SUV segment. The vehicle produces a total o

lambo team showcases some classic modes at techno classica 2018

Lambo team showcases some classic modes at Techno Classica 2018

Lamborghini Polo Storico celebrates half a century of elegance at the Techno Classica 2018 event in Essen. As you might know, there are some special Lambo models from the 70’s and this bad boy is no exception. In fact, is one of the most prominent models that the prestigious brand has ever revealed. One of the vehicles, exposed at the show is a Series III Espada from 1976. It features blue exterior and mustard interior color scheme and h