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peugeot gives with more information on its mysterious supercar concept

Peugeot Gives with More Information on its Mysterious Supercar Concept

Do you remember when we told you about the mysterious Peugeot concept car? Well, we received further information about it. To be precise, it’s not written details, but pictures which actually tell a lot more. If with the previously released video, the French manufacturer invited us to solve the mystery behind the new project. These photos and sketches actually reveal and confirm a lot more. The first thing they support is that this concept wil

infiniti makes gran turismo's concept a real thing [video]

Infiniti Makes Gran Turismo's Concept a Real Thing [VIDEO]

When a dream becomes reality, cars from video games become full-scale models, or even better – fully functional vehicles. Believe it or not, the Infiniti Concept Vision Gran Turismo has just stepped out of the virtual world into ours, and it looks breath-taking! The real-life car is called Infiniti Vision GT Concept an

can you guess which is peugeot’s mystery concept car? [video]

Can You Guess Which is Peugeot’s Mystery Concept Car? [VIDEO]

With the video below Peugeot invites us to actively solve the mystery about an upcoming project. The teaser we found on YouTube tells us the story of Peugeot’s mystery concept car. What we can get from it as information, since there is none, is that it is a vehicle which blends the codes of the GT supercar and the prototype sports car. What’s also confirmed is that it will be revealed very soon. From what we can see, this video comes to promot

lincoln shows two restyled models and a concept at the shanghai show

Lincoln Shows two Restyled Models and a Concept at the Shanghai Show

The luxurious and well-known auto brand Lincoln unveiled three revised and restyled models at 2015 Auto Shanghai Show. The models are the medium-sized MKX, a full-sized SUV, named Navigator and the Lincoln Continental Concept. All the three models demonstrate Lincoln's determination to bring fresh models on the Chinese market. As you know, Lincoln founded eleven stores in nine cities throughout China in late 2014 and since then the brand marks in

volkswagen reveals concept called c coupe gte

Volkswagen Reveals Concept Called C Coupe GTE

Volkswagen team presented the 2015 C Coupe GTE At the Shanghai Auto Show 2015. This is a four-door concept vehicle, especially designed for the Chinese market. It is over five meter long and is crafted with passion and desire. Not only the striking visuals are what catches the eye, but also the plug-in hybrid drive system is definitely an interesting feature to show. The C Coupe Concept shows refreshed design and an interesting approach for the interior. The VW crew built a car, that is aggressive and confident

chevrolet premieres fnr autonomous electric concept in shanghai

Chevrolet Premieres FNR Autonomous Electric Concept in Shanghai

Meet the Chevrolet-FNR. This is an autonomous electric concept currently on display at the Shanghai Auto Show. One rarely expects an EV that drives alone from a company such as Chevrolet, but times and trends are changing very fast and the automakers are transforming their future strategies respectively. The concept is an example for “mobility of the future” and was developed specifically for the event. The aim of the team behind this project

vow concept promises a world of wonder and excellence

VOW Concept Promises a World of Wonder and Excellence

DFL-PV is short for Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company and it is a result of the combined forces of Nissan and Dongfeng Motor Group. They have devoted their efforts to develop and distribute passenger vehicles. Well, Venucia is company’s name which is a result of this joint venture and which literally stands for

honda concept d previews future production model. take a look!

Honda Concept D Previews Future Production Model. Take a Look!

The automotive manufacturers are annually displaying vehicles at so many shows around the world. One of the fast developing markets is the Chinese and therefore it is no surprise that there is an exhibition where we can see some cars that could not be witness anywhere else. I am speaking about the Auto Shanghai and Honda’s one-off Concept D vehicle. There isn’t a lot of information disclosed about this concept model, however the automaker reas

mercedes-benz unveils glc coupe concept

Mercedes-Benz Unveils GLC Coupe Concept

With a well-known manner and style, Mercedes-Benz shows its latest masterpiece, that is indeed the Concept GLC Coupe. The idea behind the vehicle is to combine the well-known and successful GLE formula with compact style and more aggressive character. And as always, Mercedes-Benz team has done the job with German precision and passion, that only a few other have, when it comes to creating not just a vehicle, but a piece of art. And really the Concept shows some incredible design. The front strikes you with aggre

audi reveals next prologue concept ahead of shanghai reveal

Audi Reveals Next Prologue Concept Ahead of Shanghai Reveal

It is very pleasing when the day ends with good news. The first one is regarding the Audi prologue allroad concept, which has been announced to debut at the Auto Shanghai. This is actually the third member of the prologue family, which is suitable for all types of roads. Again, it is a hybrid and therefore it is powerful and efficient. This car is a re-interpretation of the typical allroad cars and gives a hit of company’s future design. 5.13

flying cars by sylvain viau. a must see project!

Flying Cars by Sylvain Viau. A Must See Project!

Some of the strangest ideas end up the best ones eventually! Just imagine what would have happened if Steve Jobs has never envisioned the touchscreen or its revolutionary software programs. Or let’s take it a step further, image what would happen if Nicola Tesla wasn’t that persistent with its rebellious (for that time) idea of distributing electricity to everyone. Of course, he has envisioned this to happen free of charge, but still the world isn’t the same after electricity stepped in. Now, imagine cars withou

citroen reveals aircross concept ahead of shanghai debut

Citroen Reveals Aircross Concept Ahead of Shanghai Debut

Citroen Aircross Concept is finally here. Online, I mean. The car is scheduled to debut at this year’s Shanghai Motor Show. This cute SUV is an example how the French company expresses its perception of power and determination. First, notice the huge wheels mated with Continental 275/42 R 22 tyres. As a matter of fact,