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buick avenir concept shows-off with bigger vision flexibility

Buick Avenir Concept Shows-Off with Bigger Vision Flexibility

The crew at Buick doesn't believe that LEDs are just lights, made to see the road ahead. They create masterpieces that mix crushing design concepts with incredible efficiency and flexibility. The Buick's visual identity is always connected to the offbeat design of headlamps and tail-lamps. Something more: new technology of crafting the light-emoting diodes allows designers to bring the next level of light efficiency and new age of crushing visual

honda releases bullet-fast concept called s660

Honda Releases Bullet-Fast Concept Called S660

On April 2, 2015, Honda will begin sales of the fresh and ready to go two-seater S660. At the same day the limited S660 Concept Edition will also be released. By "limited" Honda means only 660 vehicles, that will be sold only in Japan. The S660 is definitely a beauty that deserves our attention. Here are some more details. The two-seater is with a weight balance, which only Honda can create. You will deal with a mid-ship engine with a rear wheel drive, perfectly seated to create a low center of gravity that incl

lincoln previews the future of luxury with continental concept

Lincoln Previews the Future of Luxury with Continental Concept

Lincoln is rarely in our news, but when it does it is because of something spectacular. Whether it is a new advertisement with the Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey, or simply a new project, we are always excited to see what’s next for the brand. And today it is the Rhapsody Blue metallic Continental Concept which is a preview of a future full-size sedan that is an example of “quiet luxury”. The car is distinguished by a sleek silhouett

special ram 1500 edition celebrates the rangers [video]

Special Ram 1500 Edition Celebrates the Rangers [VIDEO]

Dodge is one of the most popular American brands that has produced the famous 707HP Hellcat. It is also the main manufacturer of all Ram vehicles. The range of the latter has been expanded by the addition of the Ram 1500 Texas Ranger Concept. The truck is a creative result of company’s collaboration with the law-enforc

alpine releases short video showing the inspirations behind vision gran turismo

Alpine Releases Short Video Showing the Inspirations behind Vision Gran Turismo

The video below is part of Alpine's 60th anniversary and involves 3D artwork, smooth chromatic painting and nice old school cartoon drawing, that together blend to bring a visual pleasure, lasting just little more than a minute. The team behind the beautiful project uses all these different art techniques, just to show the beauty of the car in not just one dimension. So you should probably prepare to witness the agression on the road, freedom and

redefined 2016 infiniti qx50 with premiere in new york

Redefined 2016 Infiniti QX50 with Premiere in New York

Just like many other exclusive and luxury companies Infiniti will also have its stand at this year’s New York Auto Show. The big news regarding its participation in the event is that this is where the debut of the 2016 QX50 will happen. The vehicle is a very special one since it has played a significant role in company

seven concepts for easter jeep safari revealed

Seven Concepts for Easter Jeep Safari Revealed

The 49th annual Easter Jeep Safari is starting on 28th of March and lasting until 5th of April in Moab, Utah. We told you almost ten days ago that this is where seven Jeep vehicles will have their official premiere. The company has just revealed the cars online and we are happy to share this information with you. The “lucky seven” is an example how anyone can individualize their Jeep with Mopar and Jeep Performance Parts. Another interesting fact is that the concepts are made by a small team of dedicated enginee

jeep to introduce seven concepts at easter jeep safari

Jeep to Introduce Seven Concepts at Easter Jeep Safari

The 49th Annual Easter Jeep Safari is going to start as usually in Moab, Utah, in the last Saturday of March and will continue till fifth of April. This is a grand event for Jeep and for this reason we expect to see there many new concept vehicles. So far so good, because this is exactly what will happen when the seven

impressive mitsubishi xr-phev ii concept goes in production?

Impressive Mitsubishi XR-PHEV II Concept Goes in Production?

Mitsubishi XR-PHEV II Concept is a continuation of the previous concept model which debuted at LA Auto Show last year. This new vehicle was displayed in Geneva and in my opinion is nothing that much different from what we have seen. The crossover shows company’s visions for the future of urban mobility that employs lightweight technology and efficient engine. The exterior of the XR-PHEV II is pretty impressive and as you can see, the silhouett

lexus lf-sa concept is tiny but revolutionary [video]

Lexus LF-SA Concept is Tiny but Revolutionary [VIDEO]

So far, we uploaded only teasers of the Lexus LF-SA Concept and now it is the time to present this cute tiny car in its full glory. It is a vehicle which focuses on company’s ideas for future design and implementations of technology. The exterior color exudes adventurous spirit, and it is namely the Stellar Silver. Thi

aston martin dbx concept: strange mix of luxury and all-electric awd

Aston Martin DBX Concept: Strange Mix Of Luxury and All-Electric AWD

The next vehicle on the spot comes from my personally favorite brand Aston Martin. It is called DBX Concept and was again revealed in the Swiss city. It has the styling characteristics of its siblings but somehow it reminds me of a muscle car mixed with a Peugeot RCZ. It is obvious that the concept was created with the aim to bring some new insights to the luxury GT segment, like the sense of more practicality. The brand even says that it focu

have you seen the nissan sway concept?

Have you seen the Nissan Sway Concept?

Geneva Motor Show started yesterday and this is where many new cars and concepts were revealed. A very special instance is the Nissan Sway Concept whish redefines the design language used for the small cars. It is so beautiful that literally takes the breath away. One thing I personally don’t like is how the doors open. Follow my thoughts and you’ll understand why. The new bold design is edgy and fresh. The interior is innovative with a lot of technology features. Following the steps of the Q