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toyota kikai: steampunk and the beauty of metal

Toyota KIKAI: Steampunk and the Beauty of Metal

Toyota team continues to impress its audience with even more interesting vehicles. Furthermore, Toyota engineers make us believe that all the dedication and hard work put on creating the perfect machine makes us fall in love with these creations of art. And now the crew has created a special concept vehicle, known as Toyota KIKAI. Innovation in style The unique vehicle takes the machinery that is usually hidden under the hood and makes it open, so everyone can relish the beauty of craftsmanship. And by directly e

toyota demonstrates a vehicle from the distant future!

Toyota Demonstrates A Vehicle From the Distant Future!

Science says that compressed hydrogen has a higher energy density than electricity and can be generated from extended range of materials. Materials that are easy to store and easy to use. Clean generation of hydrogen from numerous primary energy sources will definitely make local and self-sufficient power generation re

mitsubishi ex1 concept compact suv is coming our way!

Mitsubishi eX1 Concept Compact SUV Is Coming Our Way!

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation MMC will unveil the MITSUBISHI eX1 Concept Compact SUV concept vehicle that will incorporate the latest EV system at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015. Furthermore, along with the electric vehicle features, the concept will also demonstrate and the Dynamic Shield front design idea as well as

mazda sports car concept teased ahead of tokyo premiere

Mazda Sports Car Concept Teased Ahead of Tokyo Premiere

Mazda Sports Car Concept will have a world premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show happening in the end of October. It will be accompanied by cars like the recently revealed Mazda KOERU and Cosmo Sport 110. With this concept vehicle the company is stressing on the driving joy that its cars deliver, and this is additionally em

volkswagen tiguan gte concept is ready for the road challenges!

Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Concept Is Ready for the Road Challenges!

The first plug-in hybrid SUV by Volkswagen, the Tiguan GTE Concept was unveiled at the Frankfurt IAA. This vehicle comes with a total of 228 hp (160 kW) and goes to up to 50 km in the special "E-Mode" which offers complete all-electric zero-emission smooth drive. This relatively long driving range benefits from the especially designed lithium-ion battery and its energy capacity of 13.0 kWh. In optimal driving conditions this installment can cover

audi e-tron quattro concept is the next tesla model s competitor

Audi e-tron quattro concept is the Next Tesla Model S Competitor

Audi e-tron quattro concept has been revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show and it seems that it is the next competitor of Tesla Model S as well as of Porsche Mission E, which we have shown you a few days ago. Just like Mission E, Audi’s electric concept has 500 km range on a single charge. However, it is little less powerful: it can produce only 503 hp in comparison to Porsche’s 600 hp. With its flow-enhanced design, this concept achieves a dra

2016 kia optima gt prototype revealed in frankfurt

2016 Kia Optima GT Prototype Revealed in Frankfurt

Kia Optima GT is the high-powered version of the Frankfurt debuting 2016 Optima. The GT is currently in development and it is actually the first-ever high performance version of the model which will be introduced to the European market. Just like the basic variant, model’s sports prototype has also been presented at th

nissan gripz concept highlights brand’s future design direction [video]

Nissan Gripz Concept Highlights Brand’s Future Design Direction [VIDEO]

Nissan Gripz Concept is here! The innovative crossover has just been revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show giving a glimpse of the future design direction for the Japanese brand. The concept mixes two ideas: the first one is of practicality and the second – of a sports car performance. The first one is applied via the raised ride height that can tackle any condition, while the second one is clearly visible through the sports silhouette. As a re

toyota c-hr concept sets the future for toyota

Toyota C-HR Concept Sets The Future for Toyota

Toyota C-HR Concept is a stylish and compact hybrid crossover that would be the core of soon-to-be-produced mass-market version. Now the five-door model is on display at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. The C-HR Concept was created to demonstrate new directions for the compact crossover segment in an increasingly homogenous marketplace and made its first appearance at the 2014 Paris Motor Show as a design study. SEE ALSO: 2016 Toyota Prius Hybrid Comes With Interesting Appearance This vehicle is definitely disti

bugatti vision gran turismo concept is dedicated to the fans. takes the stage in frankfurt [video]

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Concept is Dedicated to the Fans. Takes the Stage in Frankfurt [VIDEO]

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Concept is something you have already seen. But what you haven’t witnessed is its birth at the Frankfurt Motor Show, where it takes the stage to make an official premiere. The virtual concept has been designed exclusively for PlayStation and in particular for the video game Gran Turismo. However, Bugatti says that the car is dedicated to the fans. Why? Because thanks to the game, the supersports car can be accessed by

is porsche mission e the next tesla model s?

Is Porsche Mission E the Next Tesla Model S?

Porsche Mission E Sports Car Concept is the first battery-powered four-seat concept car from Porsche, which is having its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Having almost unlimited power (of 600 hp) and impressive driving range of 500 km, the Mission E concept is probably Tesla Model S’ biggest rival. Or at least this is what everyone is talking about. We must admit that if this EV enters production and is offered at a pricing similar to this of Model S, then probably Tesla would lose most of its potential

mercedes-benz concept iaa: too much future in the present

Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA: Too Much Future in the Present

Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA has just been revealed. The vehicle is very interesting because it features design ideas that we see for the first time. It actually combines two cars in one: the first is all about aerodynamics and the second is all about style. When you combine both, you’ll have the Concept IAA. But what