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In the Concept Cars Category on Automobiles Review you preview only the recently published articles about all concept vehicles. Here you can explore the amazing world of ideas that envisions the future of vehicles.

Concept Cars

flying cars by sylvain viau. a must see project!

Flying Cars by Sylvain Viau. A Must See Project!

Some of the strangest ideas end up the best ones eventually! Just imagine what would have happened if Steve Jobs has never envisioned the touchscreen or its revolutionary software programs. Or let’s take it a step further, image what would happen if Nicola Tesla wasn’t that persistent with its rebellious (for that time) idea of distributing electricity to everyone. Of course, he has envisioned this to happen free of charge, but still the world isn’t the same after electricity stepped in. Now, imagine cars withou

citroen reveals aircross concept ahead of shanghai debut

Citroen Reveals Aircross Concept Ahead of Shanghai Debut

Citroen Aircross Concept is finally here. Online, I mean. The car is scheduled to debut at this year’s Shanghai Motor Show. This cute SUV is an example how the French company expresses its perception of power and determination. First, notice the huge wheels mated with Continental 275/42 R 22 tyres. As a matter of fact,

what happened to the 1700hp lm2 streamliner?

What happened to the 1700HP LM2 Streamliner?

Do you remember when we announced that a 1700 horsepower hypercar will debut at the New York Auto Show? Well, it did, after the official press days though. The first thought that comes to mind is that the prototype wasn’t actually finished in time and this has caused the delay. There was even an official statement from Lyons Motor Car that the Streamliner will be available for public view during the consumer/public days of the event, because the “prototype wasn’t ready”. What we have found today at the official

m-zero: is this the first supercar to be made in india? [video]

M-Zero: Is this the First Supercar to be made in India? [VIDEO]

I am sure that you haven’t heard anything about Mean Metal Motors, since I have just understood it existed. The reason for this is that this is a new company and more importantly, that it is actually based in India. And it seems like an unspoken rule that supercars can be made only in Europe. Well, this company seems to question this, because Mean Metals is actually working on the first Indian supercar. The project is dubbed M-Zero and what is

exclusive interiors for maserati by ermenegildo zegna

Exclusive Interiors for Maserati by Ermenegildo Zegna

After  one of the brand's most important years, Maserati confidently looks forward to bringing us innovative and modern vehicles. After the Ghibli and Quattroporte sedans, the "Trident" is expected to expand the growth with its fresh design and technological tweaks, mixed with precisely built product plan. The resul

hyundai debuts the enduro concept in seoul

Hyundai Debuts the ENDURO Concept in Seoul

Hyundai  makes a world debut of the 2016 concept "Enduro", the urban crossover vehicle, at the 11th Seoul Motor Show. The concept car mixes the vision of a SUV vehicle and a rally motorcycle. The Enduro is specifically designed to meet the needs of modern people with an energetic and dynamic lifestyle. The concept features Hyundai’s design grille, aluminum aero blade, which both bring the confident and overall aggressive look of the car. Additional carefully crafted SUV-styled fender brings additional feel o

hyundai shows the merciless rm15 concept

Hyundai Shows the Merciless RM15 Concept

Hyundai Motor Company revealed the high-performance concept car, which is indeed the "RM15". This is a lightweight coupe with a striking vision, that features an aluminum core structure, carbon-fiber plastics and further weight-loss tweaks that altogether reduce the overall weight with a total of 195 kg, which means the car itself weights 1,260kg. The accent focuses not just to the lightweight structure, but to the overall performance and further general upgrades and improvements. The weight balance is precisely

infiniti qx50 and qx30 concept make north american premiere [video]

Infiniti QX50 and QX30 Concept Make North American Premiere [VIDEO]

It was announced last week that Infiniti will debut at the automobiles event in New York the redesigned QX50. Next to it, the visitors of the show will see the QX30 Concept. We’ve seen the last one debuting at the Geneva Motor Show in March, so we will focus on the QX50 crossover. The first thing to mention about it is the wheelbase. It was extended and this results in increased proportions of the exterior dimensions and interior spaciousness. In

kia debuts novo concept displaying new design direction

Kia Debuts Novo Concept Displaying new Design Direction

If you think that this Kia was unveiled at the show in New York, you would be wrong. The car is actually making a premiere at the Seoul Motor Show, displaying its coupe proportions and minimalist interior. I actually wish that it was on display in NY instead of the Optima, which has nothing surprisingly new in it. By t

tenth-gen civic previewed via concept version at nyias

Tenth-Gen Civic Previewed via Concept Version at NYIAS

Honda Civic Concept is so hot that it could only be revealed at the New York Auto Show. The company is actually preparing to launch the redesigned versions of the Civic range this fall. The tenth-generation cars will keep the great performance characteristics and fantastic design. In the lineup, Honda will feature a se

subaru unveils unexpectedly sti performance concept

Subaru Unveils Unexpectedly STI Performance Concept

To be honest, Subaru’s STI Peroformance Concept is what I didn’t expect to see at the New York Auto Show. Next to the WRX STI Rallycross Car, this vehicle is a main star at company’s stand. The concept is a preview of STI’s (meaning Subaru Tecnica International) car performance characteristics. This also signifies for

new york salutes four beetle concepts

New York Salutes Four Beetle Concepts

Not one but four Beetle concept cars are debuting at the New York Auto Show today. The iconic Volkswagen is represented via two unique coupe variants and two cabrio versions. Precisely the first two are called Concept R-Line and Pink Edition, while the open top versions are Cabriolet Denim and Wave. As the name suggest, blue has been chosen for the Denim convertible concept. In fact, the In ‘Stonewashed Blue Metallic’ has been combined with a soft top that also comes in the same hue but it is