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nissan gripz concept highlights brand’s future design direction [video]

Nissan Gripz Concept Highlights Brand’s Future Design Direction [VIDEO]

Nissan Gripz Concept is here! The innovative crossover has just been revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show giving a glimpse of the future design direction for the Japanese brand. The concept mixes two ideas: the first one is of practicality and the second – of a sports car performance. The first one is applied via the raised ride height that can tackle any condition, while the second one is clearly visible through the sports silhouette. As a re

toyota c-hr concept sets the future for toyota

Toyota C-HR Concept Sets The Future for Toyota

Toyota C-HR Concept is a stylish and compact hybrid crossover that would be the core of soon-to-be-produced mass-market version. Now the five-door model is on display at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. The C-HR Concept was created to demonstrate new directions for the compact crossover segment in an increasingly homogenous marketplace and made its first appearance at the 2014 Paris Motor Show as a design study. SEE ALSO: 2016 Toyota Prius Hybrid Comes With Interesting Appearance This vehicle is definitely disti

bugatti vision gran turismo concept is dedicated to the fans. takes the stage in frankfurt [video]

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Concept is Dedicated to the Fans. Takes the Stage in Frankfurt [VIDEO]

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Concept is something you have already seen. But what you haven’t witnessed is its birth at the Frankfurt Motor Show, where it takes the stage to make an official premiere. The virtual concept has been designed exclusively for PlayStation and in particular for the video game Gran Turismo. However, Bugatti says that the car is dedicated to the fans. Why? Because thanks to the game, the supersports car can be accessed by

is porsche mission e the next tesla model s? [video]

Is Porsche Mission E the Next Tesla Model S? [VIDEO]

Porsche Mission E Sports Car Concept is the first battery-powered four-seat concept car from Porsche, which is having its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Having almost unlimited power (of 600 hp) and impressive driving range of 500 km, the Mission E concept is probably Tesla Model S’ biggest rival. Or at le

mercedes-benz concept iaa: too much future in the present

Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA: Too Much Future in the Present

Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA has just been revealed. The vehicle is very interesting because it features design ideas that we see for the first time. It actually combines two cars in one: the first is all about aerodynamics and the second is all about style. When you combine both, you’ll have the Concept IAA. But what

gripz concept is nissan’s mysterious crossover debuting in frankfurt [video]

Gripz Concept is Nissan’s Mysterious Crossover Debuting in Frankfurt [VIDEO]

Nissan Gripz Concept is the mysterious crossover witch will have its premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show. In the beginning of the week we thought that it would be a Juke-based concept, when Nissan revealed the first teaser image of the vehicle. Now, the Japanese company has released an additional picture displaying the front of the car as well as intriguing video, giving a hint to the sporty nature of the Gripz Concept. There are also hints in i

meet the athletic honda civic tourer active life concept

Meet the Athletic Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept

Honda is going to preview a very interesting concept study at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The vehicle is dedicated to outdoors sports fans, specifically for cycling enthusiasts, and this is why it is called Civic Tourer Active Life Concept. Dedicated to the active life, this Civic-based model features a lot of equipment

hyundai debuts n 2025 vision gran turismo concept

Hyundai Debuts N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo Concept

Hyundai Vision Gran Turismo has just been teased with two images. They give us a glimpse of the posture of the car and some intricate detailing. Of course, the concept vehicle will be revealed at the 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show. Next to it, Hyundai will also showcase new models, design concepts and technologies. SEE ALSO: 2016 Hyundai Accent Now Comes More Flexible than Ever Some of these models include the premiere of the new i20 Active and Santa Fe models. For the motorsport fans, Hyundai has prepar

2016 batmobile is here to serve some justice! [video]

2016 Batmobile Is Here to Serve Some Justice! [VIDEO]

It is here! Finally, the latest Batmobile is here! Well, it has been unveiled for a long time, but now it is available for public to take a close look at it. legendary in every aspect, the car has been Batman's most trustworthy accomplice since his early years. And for his 75 years of serving justice, the superhero has

nissan previews juke-based crossover concept?

Nissan Previews Juke-Based Crossover Concept?

Nissan has a secret which will be revealed in a week. It is called… well, we don’t know how it is named yet, but what we are familiar with is that it will be company’s newest crossover concept. And this makes us pretty excited, given that we know how successful the Juke, Qashqai and X-Trail models are. And this makes you think about a lot, doesn’t it? Would the new Nissan crossover deliver the same combination of rugged looks, hatchback credential or even running costs? Or would it be centered on luxury design a

renault alaskan concept previews future production one-tonne pick-up [video]

Renault Alaskan Concept Previews Future Production One-Tonne Pick-up [VIDEO]

Renault Alaskan Concept seems very similar to what we have seen in the past. Well, this feeling you have it’s a real thing, since it is almost similar to Renault Duster Oroch Pick-Up, which we have seen debuting at the 7th Buenos Aires International Motor Show in June. While Oroch is intended for the South American market, the ALASKAN Concept literally paves the way for a forthcoming global model. Of course, we must admit that the Alaskan Conc

kahn announces plans for speed 7 racer inspired by the 30s

Kahn Announces Plans for Speed 7 Racer Inspired by the 30s

Speed 7 is a vintage inspired racer which is Afzal Kahn's third coach-building car. After we have seen the birth of the successful Flying Huntsman at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, and the WB12 Vengeance that is still to be launched this year, it is now time for the designers to continue with their exclusive projects.