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BMW M6 Tag Feed
fostla.de proudly presents its latest masterpiece. check it out!

Fostla.de proudly presents its latest masterpiece. Check it out!

Fostla.de in Seelze has always impressed us with incredible projects. And once more, the team pushes the boundaries of ordinary and proudly shows its latest masterpiece. Yes, indeed a BMW 650ix Gran Coupe that has undergone comprehensive fine-tuning and upgrade program. So, let's jump right in the action and find more about this masterpiece! What we see here is a BMW that received some exclusive body kit pack with carbon lips, spoilers and diffusers. And the best of all? These neat 20-inch wh

g-power bmw m6 f06 does its thing with almost 1000 nm [w/video]

G-Power BMW M6 F06 Does its Thing with Almost 1000 Nm [w/video]

BMW M6 F06 is originally powered by the very potent TwinPower Turbo V8 engine, which produces 560 Nm (412 kW) horsepower and 700 Nm (517 lb-ft). The four-door saloon shows supercar performance, but there are always people who need to see more from everything. Therefore, the BMW performance specialists at G-POWER decided to offer three stages of engine upgrades for power hungry owners, delivering 650 hp, 700 hp, and 740 hp! The torque grew to almost 1000 Nm, making this M6 one of the most potent

the force awakens with top 5 star wars themed cars

The Force Awakens with Top 5 Star Wars Themed Cars

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is probably the most discussed topic now. And it should be since this movie has left an indisputable and strong mark in the consciousness of at least three generations. From grandparents to grandchildren, everyone is going to the movie theaters with expectations of a grandeur experience. We are also excited about this world-movie-happening and this is why we decided to make a Top 5 of the Most Attractive Star Wars Themed Cars. This is how we are joining the verge o

g-power releases m6 convertible producing 740 hp and 975 nm

G-Power Releases M6 Convertible Producing 740 hp and 975 Nm

G-Power BMW M6 F12 Convertible is the next project for the day presented by the talented tuners at G-Power. Just like the X5, the M6 Convertible received power uprating and brand new wheels. Oh, let’s not forget the new lightweight exhaust system. Another thing these cars share in common is that, they can be both ordered from G-Power online web shop. But let’s get into details. Bi-Tronik 2 After the power enhancement, the M6 F12 can produce up to 740 hp (544 kW) and 975 Nm (720 kW) of torque.

bmw m6 coupe competition edition will debut at 2015 fiaa

BMW M6 Coupe Competition Edition Will Debut at 2015 FIAA

The latest BMW M6 Coupe Competition Edition will be presented at the 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show. The vehicle will offer exceptional individuality, thanks to the special paintwork, the unique carbon-fiber components and the fine leather with contrast stitching. But as we know, shiny stuff and fluffy interior components are not vital for the pleasure of driving. What matters the most is the drivetrain system. And BMW knows this fact perfectly well. So, the team geared this beauty with

hamann and fostla.de unite for a special mirr6r bmw m6 project

Hamann and fostla.de Unite For a Special Mirr6r BMW M6 Project

Hamann BMW M6 F13 Mirr6r by fostla.de is a project which involves not one but two tuning companies. This may sound a little bit flamboyant to you, but just take a look at the pictures in our gallery and you will find out how beautiful this car looks. Not to repeat that this is a BMW M6. Under modification was the second generation M6, which will end up sportier and better looking. Read how this was achieved. Extensive Tuning by Hamann To make a comparison later, I should first mention t

bmw with more powerful package for the m6 series

BMW with more Powerful Package for the M6 Series

If you are not satisfied with the latest M6, BMW has especially created a distinct Competition Package for you. The pack is suitable for the M6 Coupe and Cabrio as well as for the M6 Gran Coupe. It will not only make your car more individual, but will also give it more power. However, you should wait until July to get it because this is when the Bavarian company is releasing it. To start with the power upgrades, the kit includes a power boost of 40 hp (29 kW) for the 4.4-litre V8 petrol engin

g-power releases the ultimate bmw m6 capable of 1001 horses!

G-Power Releases the Ultimate BMW M6 Capable of 1001 Horses!

This is a G-Power tuned BMW of the 1001 nights or the so called G6M V10 Hurricane CS Ultimate. There is a hint: the number 1001 not only shows where this car will go, but also says something about the horsepower of the car. Yes, the vehicle will be driven by someone lucky in the United Arab Emirates and they will enjoy its 1001 horsepower output. There is a story behind this project: the seed of the idea for this car was customer’s wish to drive the ultimate BMW sports vehicle. The only prere

bmw m6 awaits its owner from motogp event!

BMW M6 Awaits its Owner From MotoGP Event!

BMW M Division presented the highlights in its MotoGP participation at the Spanish Grand Prix in Jerez de la Frontera: this is the car, which will be presented to the winner of the coveted BMW M Award. As you know, it is a kind of a traditions since 2003 for the racer with the best result to be given an exclusive and individually customized BMW M vehicle. This year is no exception: A BMW M6 with individual features expects its owner. In fact, the car was unveiled today at MotoGP in Circuito de J

vorsteiner releases  gts-v package for bmw m6

Vorsteiner Releases GTS-V Package for BMW M6

It is white, it is grandeur, it is based on the M6 series and it is pretty much the latest project presented by Vorsteiner. We were impressed by the visuals of the car as well as the modifications done on it. Although they are not as massive as Mansory’s Bentley GT Race car, they are that harmonious that it feels like the vehicle has always owned them. We all know that the M6 series is currently offered in three variants: cabrio, coupe and Gran Coupe, and the good news is that the tuner’s pac

see the glory of the 2015 bmw m6 in motion [video]

See the Glory of the 2015 BMW M6 in Motion [VIDEO]

The one true God among all powerful automobiles is the iconic BMW M6 which is available either as a coupe or as a convertible. It is visually splendid, with a design that breaks down the boundaries between what can be achieved and what cannot in the automotive universe. In a recently published video, BMW unleashes the wild spirit of the unbeatable M6, thus underlining its superb and exhilarating character. In addition to this, the sporty and luxurious high-performance essence of the 2015

m&d exclusive cardesign converts bmw 650i into m6

M&D Exclusive Cardesign Converts BMW 650i into M6

M&D Exclusive Cardesign made something very impressive: they have converted a 650i Coupe into a monstrous M6. Even more, they claim that this car can outperform any M6. The powerful transformation started with the installation of a special PD6XX-wide-body kit. The result is an increased width at the front axle via the new mudguards as well as at the rear axle via massive new side walls. Wide side sills with swords connect the front and the rear. In addition, the tuners added at the front