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introducing the new range rover sport

Introducing the New Range Rover Sport

New Range Rover Sport redefines sporting luxury, combining assertive and instinctive on-road performance with Range Rover refinement, progressive design sophistication and connected convenience. The third-generation model is the most desirable, advanced and dynamically capable yet. A suite of powerful and efficient(1) powertrains includes six-cylinder extended range Electric Hybrid, a potent new V8 and two mild hybrid six-cylinder gasoline Ingenium engine. Pure-electric propul

kahn design and the stealthy sexiness: it's worth the check out!

Kahn Design and the Stealthy Sexiness: It's worth the check out!

Here’s something that we did not share with you. One more mighty Range Rover that have undergone a surgery by Kahn Design. Why we have missed out this one you might as. Well, we decided that we would wait a bit, in order to reduce the hype, but the truth is clear: this one is rather fascinating! This time the lucky vehicle is a Range Rover Sport SVR. The already exceptional machine received numerous upgrades and changes that altogether redefine the characteristics of both brands. So, let’s se

2017 range rover sport comes with a promise for flexibility and quality

2017 Range Rover Sport comes with a promise for flexibility and quality

Enhanced drivetrain system with neat design tweaks Land Rover reveals its most efficient Range Rover Sport vehicle, produced so far. 2017 Range Rover comes with revised Ingenium engine, tweaked infotainment system and new semi-autonomous driving technologies. Sweet. But let's see more in details, shall we? For  2017 Model Year, Range Rover Sport will show-off with new 2.0-liter four-cylinder Ingenium diesel power unit, created at Jaguar Land Rover's plant in Wolverhampton. Also available

larte design is flying high with the range rover sport winner and here is why

Larte Design is flying high with the Range Rover Sport Winner and here is why

This is one of the well-known projects by Larte Design, but in a little bit different design form. We have seen different variants of the model, which have not only pleased the eye, but also have made a big furor around the world. The here presented white version of the Larte’s Range Rover Sport Winner is currently being photographed in America… in the air. Well, not literally, but the given pictures shoes some really good postures with propeller biplanes. These machines were a big hit during

dynamic colors of kahn edition range rover sport is the best suv you’ll see today

Dynamic Colors of Kahn Edition Range Rover Sport is the Best SUV You’ll See Today

The week starts off with this special edition luxury SUV delivered by the crafted professionals at Kahn Design. Based on the Range Rover Sport, the project carries the name Dynamic Colors of Kahn Edition, because it has just come out of tuner’s laboratories and is dressed in the significant Estoril Blue exterior paint scheme. By the way, the Range Rover was designed by Afzal Kahn himself and this means a lot of luxurious amenities in one place. Exuberant and stylish, the SUV also features a l

you will fall in love with kahn’s range rover sport rs pace car in imperial blue

You Will Fall in Love with Kahn’s Range Rover Sport RS Pace Car in Imperial Blue

If you have visited the Geneva Motor Show, then you have probably spotted the exclusive Kahn stand, which displayed a lot of one-off and mind-blowing cars. Among them you must have spotted the Kahn Range Rover Sport RS Pace Car dressed in the beautiful and eye-catching Imperial Blue. Matt Pearl Grey detailing is all around it and adds to its exclusivity, while the other features just complement the majestic stance of this RS model. For instance such are the new extended front and rear wide wi

colors of kahn expressed with special edition range rover sport hse

Colors Of Kahn Expressed with Special Edition Range Rover Sport HSE

After the announcement that Kahn Design will participate at the Geneva Motor Show in March, it is now time to show you this week’s feature. You are about to witness a more colorful edition of the Range Rover Sport 3.0 SDV6 HSE, modified exquisitely with a sense of style and exuberance. Follow my thoughts and you will understand why this vehicle is standing under the name ‘Colours of Kahn Edition’. The Range Rover Sport is adorned with a range of unique Kahn styling upgrades. They only make it

one-off range rover sport is caractere’s gift for the winter holidays

One-Off Range Rover Sport is Caractere’s Gift for the Winter Holidays

This is Range Rover Sport by Caractere and unfortunately it’s not free. However, this is the last project that the tuning company is releasing for the year and it seems as the perfect present to make just ahead of the winter time to your dear ones. The modified Range Rover Sport is big, stable and in addition is made sportier and more beautiful due to the impressive body kit by Caractere. The upper crust British off-roader now features a styling to envy. In particular, the kit comprises of a

range rover sport 400 le luxury edition by kahn design

Range Rover Sport 400 LE Luxury Edition by Kahn Design

Range Rover Sport 400 LE Luxury Edition by Kahn Design is a truly unique vehicle for two major reasons. The first one is that its exterior has nothing to do with how the stock one look and the second is that the interior has been entirely reupholstered. Although there aren’t any changes in the engine output, we find this car really captivating and wanted to share it with you! Let’s see what the tuning experts at Kahn have one here: Exterior Regarding the exterior color, the first thing we s

kahn reveals stunning firenze red range rover sport 400le

Kahn Reveals Stunning Firenze Red Range Rover Sport 400LE

Kahn Range Rover Sport 400LE immediately grabs the attention because of its unique exterior Firenze Red color. After this first impression, the viewer becomes even more attracted to the car, because he or she sees that it is like no other car they have seen before. The reason for this is the precise work and craftsmanship of the tuners responsible for this piece of art. They have equipped the ordinary Range Rover Sport with full exterior pack and have also entirely transformed the cabin. And thi

the winner turns blue: meet the new face of larte design's range rover sport

The WINNER Turns Blue: Meet the New Face of Larte Design's Range Rover Sport

Larte Design is back and this time with a rather familiar project. The tuners have unleashed their second version of the WINNER. If you remember well the first one, it is a bi-tone Range Rover which garbed our hearts with its stunning design and enhanced power. Now, the specialists are obviously releasing the next one out of the cage. Another good news is that if you happen to be in Monaco, you can see the car rolling on the streets. Engine The fist and foremost feature of this unique vehicle

kahn names its latest range rover project

Kahn Names its Latest Range Rover Project "Vesuvius"

The last pick-up-based project by the tuner Kahn achieved great success in the social media, being very rough, military-inspired and built over the famous Defender. This week, the tuner has presented more luxury imbued car called with the strange name Vesuvius. It is based on a Range Rover Sport 3.0 SDV6 Diesel an after the modifications of the specialists we must say that it looks very chic. The reason for this strange title is because the main Santorini Black body color has been accentuated