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Infiniti News

infiniti shows vc-t system this september. should we be hyped?

INFINITI team will try to tweak the world of inner combustion engines INFINITI team will presents the Variable Compression-Turbocharged power unit at the 2016 Paris Motor Show on September 29. What is interesting about this thing is that the engineering team claims that there have been decades of researches and experiments before finally get satisfying results. Incredible, right? The VC-T technology is expected to mark a new chapter in th

a reward for inifiniti's passionate team: check it out!

INFINITI USA proudly announces that the 2017 INFINITI QX60 Premium crossover has received a 5-star overall safety ration from NHTSA's New Car Assessment Program testing. Just like its older brother, the new generation of premium vehicles does not satisfy itself with only good looks or some trendy hi-tech gadgets. As

what happens when you give infiniti qx80 the missuro tuning pack? the result is unexpected [w/video]

If you have an Infiniti QX80 and you think you need an individual touch, the Missuro tuning pack by Larte Design is probably the best choice to make. After applying it, the results are unexpectedly good and in fact the car looks amazing and very stylish. Another interesting detail is that the QX80 Missuro made huge furor at the Russian Podolsk, and it is currently making noise at the Moscow Tuning Show. So if you are in the vicinity you can see i

infiniti concept vision gran turismo can be yours today an here’s how [w/video]

Infiniti has finally lifted the virtual veil of the Concept Vision Gran Turismo: a car intended to be driven by those who have a Play Station and playing the Gran Turismo 6 (GT6) game. The model will be available for download from today and it envisions an Infiniti car from the future. Hopefully - not the very distant one. The high performance concept vehicle was created through an intimate work with the creators of the famous car-game. If you

2016 infiniti q50 3.0t mixes luxury and affordability in one car. check out the pricing list

2016 Infiniti Q50 3.0t is the latest model in the famous Q50 lineup, which is powered by a brand new engine and offers a lot of additional standard goodies. What is more, Infiniti has just announced the pricing of the car, which starts from $39,900 USD and rises depending on the trim level. The detailed pricing list is featured below. There are actually four trim levels in the 2016 Infiniti Q50 3.0t model line-up. Each is equipped with the new

infiniti showcases the bold and beautiful qx sport inspiration concept

The bold new Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration Concept has made its global debut at the 2016 Beijin Auto Show and showed brand's plans and intentions for the future. The QX Sport Inspiration Concept strictly follows the series of the Q30 Concept, QX30 Concept and Q60 Concept. The new Concept family member shows Infiniti's vision of how the future mid-size SUVs would look and at the same time show off some design ideas and engineering wonders. H

infiniti qx sport inspiration teased ahead of official debut

Infiniti has just debuted the first teaser image of the brand new QX Sport Inspiration. The first glimpse of the new SUV concept vehicle happens ahead its official premiere at this year’s Beijing Auto Show. As the company calls it “daring”, the QX Sport Inspiration is actually an exploration of Infiniti’s vision for what the next-generation mid-size SUV would look like. Another preliminary requirement is the vehicle to be as luxurious as

red sport 400, performance flagship of infiniti q50 priced below $50,000 usd

Infiniti’s Q50 performance flagship is called Red Sport 400 and it is now its time to go one sale in the United States. The offers are very seductive and start under $50,000 USD for both the rear-wheel and the all-wheel drive. But how will you benefit if you buy the new Q50 Red Sport 400? First and foremost, we must highlight that this is the only car on the market with so much horsepower and priced under $50,000 USD. The 2016 Q50 Red Sport

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