Nissan Sport Sedan Concept was teased in the beginning of this year when it showed to the public its futuristic looking front-end design and avant-garde LED head-lights. At the Detroit Auto Show the concept was fully revealed boasting performance, innovation and technology.

Sport Sedan Concept marks also the celebration of company's 80th anniversary. The vehicle is a design study with a particular highlight on next-generation design and sporty style. It actually previews the future production 2015 Maxima, which is intended for those keen on cutting-edge design and driving dynamics.

Along with the Nissan Resonance and Friend-ME, the car includes signature design aspects that we will see in the future Nissans. Such are the V-Motion front aspect, "floating" roof and boomerang-shaped headlights and taillights.

To go further into details, the exterior of this Nissan features low and wide proportions, with a lowered hoodline and reduced ground clearance. The "V-Motion" movement of the front end flows from the dramatic chromed grille up through the hood. At the front are positioned the large LED boomerang headlights, a deeply scooped front fascia and wide and sloped windshield.

Next, the profile of the vehicle also makes a powerful impression. It has a dynamic bodyside lines adding a strong sculptural feel and connecting the wheels and tires. Precisely, the Sport Sedan Concept runs on custom 21-inch aluminum-alloy wheels mounted with low-profile 275/30R21 tires.

At the rear we see high deck, large chrome trunk accent and wide and deeply scooped rear fascia. At last, the final touch of the exterior's unique appearance is the "Strad Amber" paint, which is a result of the application of an orange-amber topcoat over a base of gold paint.

The interior of the concept vehicle also previews some key new design elements of the future production cars. For instance, premium materials are found throughout, diamond-shaped graphics on the quilted seats have been applied, and panels were included that add to the sense of dynamic motion. The interior also features high-contrast colors and facet metallic accents.

At last, what is important to mention is that the front-wheel drive Sport Sedan Concept will be powered by a 300+ horsepower (220+ kW) 3.5-liter V6 powertrain. The engine will be matched with a sport-tuned Xtronic CVT transmission and will include an innovative suspension layout with performance dampers.

Nissan Sport Sedan Concept Dimensions:

Length 191.7 in. (4,870 mm)
Width 75.3 in. (1,912 mm)
Height 54.3 in. (1,378 mm)
Wheelbase 111.2 in. (2,825 mm)
Front overhang 39.1 in. (992 mm)
Rear overhang 41.5 in (1,053 mm)

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Source: Nissan