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Lincoln News

lincoln has launched the ad campaign

Lincoln announces three new video ads in the new "it's like that'' campaign, once again with movie star Matthew McConaughey. This time the focus is on the 2017 Lincoln MKZ and the team definitely has a lot to show to the audience. Filmed with style and tone that conveys exhilaration and visceral feeling of driving, the new commercials bring the attention back to the MKZ, the premium midsize sedan, also known to be Lincoln's best-selling vehicl

the path of illumination: lincoln reveals details for the all-new 2017 continental

The all-new 2017 Lincoln Continental will grant buyers with tons of luxurious goodies, numerous additions and the new signature Approach Detection technology. And let's not forget the top quality elements and overall premium feel. As you might know, Lincoln first revealed the Approach Detection with the first-ever 2015 MKC model. Let us remind you that this piece of technology allows the vehicle to "sense" the nearby driver, who is carrying th

number of female drivers increases. here is what lincoln thinks about this trend

As we all know, a female driver is disaster for some of us, for others it is a challenge and for Lincoln team it is a successful formula. According to recent analysis of IHS Automotive vehicle registration data, women are driving demand for brand's latest vehicle models. Furthermore, in the last decade, Lincoln registrations among women have increases with the incredible 45 per cent. Women buyers grew more than 11 times since the last 10 years

lincoln unveils the new navigator concept: comfort and convenience in single pack

Lincoln unveiled the new Navigator Conceptdemonstrated brand's plans for the future. As you might know, the luxury car manufacturer revealed its first SUV back in 1997 and since then improves and refines the formula of great vehicle with great values. This special Concept is designed to deliver comfort and mainly peace of mind. To be honest, we wonder how would that become reality, when the SUV features a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 power unit, ca

what would matthew mcconaughey and his passengers have for lunch? [video]

Lincoln Motor Company continues its advertisement campaign with Matthew McConaughey with fresh TV spot, especially created for 2016 Lincloln Navigator. Named "Time to Eat", the ad has already launched and will be showcased during the Grammy awards. As you will see for yourself, along with demonstration of the versatile 2016 Navigator, Matthew is shown as a negotiator and confidently debates with two fellow friends about what would they have fo

2016 lincoln mkx comes with style and enhanced features

2016 Lincoln MKX is on sale this summer and offers numerous additions to the already proven itself MKX lineup. Now, the 2016 version comes with elegant design and smooth and warm driving experience. The all-new Lincoln MKX strengthens brand's positions in the midsize luxury segment. In fact, Lincoln represents about on

how luxurious 2016 lincoln mkx can actually get?

2016 Lincoln MKX will not only come with some wonderful performance features, but also will demonstrate how the master craftsmanship will define the overall quality of the vehicle. In fact, customers of the Lincoln MKX cite overall quality as #1 purchase reason for the well-known crossover. There is a study, made by the Luxury Institute and Epsilon, suggesting, that 74%  of the wealthy customers believe, that the highest quality is the most important thing in a vehicle, along with the superior craftsmanship. An

lincoln shows two restyled models and a concept at the shanghai show

The luxurious and well-known auto brand Lincoln unveiled three revised and restyled models at 2015 Auto Shanghai Show. The models are the medium-sized MKX, a full-sized SUV, named Navigator and the Lincoln Continental Concept. All the three models demonstrate Lincoln's determination to bring fresh models on the Chinese market. As you know, Lincoln founded eleven stores in nine cities throughout China in late 2014 and since then the brand marks in