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Ford Mustang GT Tag Feed
wrapworks creates new outfit for the mustang gt fastback

WRAPworks creates new outfit for the Mustang GT Fastback

Another interesting tuning project for today is presented before us by the German specialists at WRAPworks. Their name might sound misleading, because this tuning is not only about foil wrapping, but also modifications regarding performance and driving enjoinment. Although the Mustangs are not a common car in Europe, WRAPworks have managed to put their hands on a 421 hp, 5.0-liter V8 Mustang GT ‘Fastback’. As a result, they have made it even more impressive and literally a rolling showcase for t

petty’s garage ford mustang gt to be auctioned with proceeds going to veterans

Petty’s Garage Ford Mustang GT to be Auctioned with Proceeds Going to Veterans

2015 Ford Mustang GT Lot S148.1 has an unmistakable exterior and if you are a real muscle car fan, then you should probably know that this amazing vehicle has been Petty’s Garage-built. With lot number S148.1, the 2015 Ford Mustang GT has received some characteristics modifications to its exterior and interior and got even more horsepower. SEE ALSO: Petty’s Garage Ford Mustang to Debut at SEMA Show  But really cool about this car is that you can actually own it. Yes! This pretty Mustang is goi

hennessey performance 774hp mustang gt runs to 207.9 mph [video]

Hennessey Performance 774HP Mustang GT Runs to 207.9 mph [VIDEO]

2015 Hennessey Ford Mustang GT is to be heard of a lot in the future. The reason for this is that it has been supercharged and can pump out 774 HP! Well, this is not new information, but what I’m going to tell you is simply marvelous. The tuned muscle car has been tested to 207.9 mph! To film this achievement, the TV celebrity Jay Leno visited Texas tuner and he is going to present it in upcoming TV series on CNBC. Behind the steering wheel was the professional driver, Brian Smith, who drove

here is how geigercars.de customized the ford mustang gt

Here is How GeigerCars.de Customized the Ford Mustang GT

The German tuners at GeigerCars.de have just sent us an e-mail with this special project involving a Fort Mustang GT. Along with the stunning pictures they have also said some specifics about the in-house tuned car. Just to tease you a bit: not only design updates were implemented, but also a major engine boost. Engine The most prominent modification here is on the engine. After the treatment, the 5.0-liter V8 unit sends significantly more power to the rear wheels. This is due to a supercharge

what’s new for 2016 ford mustang?

What’s New for 2016 Ford Mustang?

We have great news for Mustang fans! For the new 2016 model year, the iconic pony car will get several updates, which will make it fancier and closer to its ancestors. Ford is actually adding new turn signal indicators that are located in hood vents. This typical Mustang trait originates from 1967 Ford Mustang and almost 50 years later it returns as standard equipment in the GT version of the car. In addition, the GT Premium will get an exclusive California Special Package, while the Pony Pac

petty’s garage mustang gt is the perfect rock 'n' roll muscle car

Petty’s Garage Mustang GT is the Perfect Rock 'n' Roll Muscle Car

Do you remember the exuberating light blue Mustang GT from the SEMA Show? Precisely, we are talking about Petty’s Garage project which stunned the public with its new characteristics and key modifications. Now, the muscle car is heading to Ford’s dealerships, where exactly 143 units of it will be sold. Depending on the Stage program, they will come in two “forms”. The Stage 1 version will be narrowed to 100 examples and the rest 43 units will be reserved for the Stage 2 Mustang. Every single

2015 mustang gt receives a new supercharger kit

2015 Mustang GT Receives a New Supercharger Kit

The all-new 2015 Ford Mustang GT will get a new supercharger kit thanks to the collaborative work between Ford Racing and Roush Performance channels. Initially, 2015 Mustang comes with a 2.3-liter EcoBoost which produces around 310 hp (231 kW) at 5500 rpm and 407 Nm of torque at 4250 rpm. With the upgrade kit now, which comes complete with all hardware and exclusive calibration, the car will boost more than 600 hp. As it seems, for Ford and Roush performance is important but performance wit

hennessey supercharges 2015 ford mustang gt with 717 hp

Hennessey Supercharges 2015 Ford Mustang GT with 717 HP

Hennessey Performance has made an HPE700 Supercharged Upgrade for the 2015 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L V8. Only 500 units will be built for the model year 2015, making the vehicle a limited Edition. What is more, thanks to the refinement, the Mustang is now capable of delivering 717 horsepower, meaning that it can finally battle Chevy’s Corvette Z06 and Dodge’s SRT Hellcat. In fact, with this project, the tuners are offering a 2015 Mustang that will outperform some of the fastest cars currently offered

ford mustang 50 year limited edition sold for $170,000 at barrett-jackson

Ford Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition Sold for $170,000 at Barrett-Jackson

The last production Ford Mustang GT 50 Year Limited Edition model with the badge No. 1,964 has been fetched $170,000 USD at the Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas auction. The proceeds will benefit “Get Your Heart Racing” fundraising event that supports Henry Ford Health System’s Edith and Benson Ford Heart & Vascular Institute. The winner of the bidding is Jack Fairchild. He is not only the proud owner of one of the rarest of this limited stock, but we must highlight that he has also made an impo

2015 ford mustang gt - electronic burnout control system [video]

2015 Ford Mustang GT - Electronic Burnout Control System [video]

Ford US has won my heart with their latest technology called Electronic Burnout Control System. This is probably the best feature that car can have and will make you smile all day long, especially if you are behind the steering wheel of an all-new 2015 Ford Mustang GT. The Electronic Burnout Control System is essentially a line-lock, which keeps the front brakes locked while releasing the rear brakes. The driver can hit the accelerator to do a burnout without having to balance one foot on

ford mustang gt 50 year limited edition debuts in new york

Ford Mustang GT 50 Year Limited Edition Debuts In New York

Ford Mustang GT 50 Year Limited Edition comes to pay homage to one of world’s most popular cars. Exactly, fifty years ago in 1964 the first Mustang debuted in New York. The Mustang GT 50 Year Limited Edition will be produced in the exact number of 1964 examples and will go on sale this fall. It is based in the new 2015 Mustang GT fastback, equipped with performance pack. The only options for the 50 Year Limited Edition are the choice of two exterior colors and a six-speed manual or automatic tra

2015 ford mustang gt - 5.0 liter supercharged v8 - 700hp

2015 Ford Mustang GT - 5.0 liter Supercharged V8 - 700HP

The new 6th generation Ford Mustang is going to get a supercharger kit from Whipple. They will offer a 2.9 liter twin-screw supercharger for the V8 5.0 liter engine. The result is no less than 700HP (522 kW) when running on 91-octane fuel. This is an increase of 280HP, but nothing is mentioned about the torque. The supercharger kit is offered with a standard six-or optional ten-rib belt system along with an aluminum intercooler. The customers will be able to opt for a 5-year or 100,000