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this shelby mustang produces 1258 horses!

This Shelby Mustang Produces 1258 Horses!

This is probably the fastest Mustang ever produced. Please, correct me if I’m wrong. The reason for my opinion is that this Shelby GT500 is capable of more than 1258 horsepower! It sounds almost unthinkable, since most of the cars produce around 100-150 hp. Behind this project is the team at Kinetik Motorsport, which is famous for its power tunings for late-model performance vehicles. The questions are many, but one that pops-out almost immediately, is how was this achieved? Well, the answer

limited run for shelby mustang gt350 and gt350r

Limited Run for Shelby Mustang GT350 and GT350R

Shelby GT350 marks 50 years this year and to celebrate this, Ford has announced that it will release a limited run of the GT350 and GT350R variants. The original first generation of the car was introduced in 1965 and since then has been one of the most desired cars worldwide. It is also a synonym great performance, which has been proved on many racetracks through the years. The latest edition of the model is powered by the most potent naturally aspirated engine that Ford has ever produced. Go

ford mustang under speed test. covers 0-100kmh in 4.8 seconds [video]

Ford Mustang under Speed Test. Covers 0-100kmh in 4.8 seconds [VIDEO]

If you think that there is nothing new about the Mustang, you are wrong. Ford has just released a video, showing how the V8 powered pony car sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in only 4.8 seconds. This is actually record-braking, because it guarantees that the Mustang is the fastest accelerating Ford coupe ever offered in Europe. If you wonder what will happen if the car is equipped with the 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine, well, the answer is simple. It will need an additional second to cover the

roush performance releases stage 3 kit for the mustang [video]

ROUSH Performance Releases Stage 3 Kit for the Mustang [VIDEO]

Ford Mustang has been lucky to be one of the most famous and desired car in the world. This does not count only for ownership, but also for customization. Many companies have already released their tuning kits for the latest generation Mustang, thus making it more unique and with better characteristics. The good news is that one of the prominent modifiers of the pony car has already finished its phase 2 and 3 kits. I am talking about the specialists at ROUSH Performance, who have also release

shelby confirms gt350 mustang with over 520hp [video]

Shelby Confirms GT350 Mustang with Over 520HP [VIDEO]

Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang is literally one of the most wanted cars in the world that also played a very important part in the Need for Speed game and movie. The new model year vehicle was said to be powered by Ford’s 5.2-liter V8 petrol unit, producing 500 horsepower (368 kW) and 542 Nm (400 lb-ft) of peak torque. However, we have more recent news on that confirming that the emblematic pony car will be capable of even more.At yesterday’s Texas World Speedway, Jim Owens, who is Shelby’s boss bran

take closer look at saleen's powerful mustang [video]

Take Closer Look at Saleen's Powerful Mustang [VIDEO]

If you have followed us yesterday then you definitely know that the most powerful production Mustang has debuted in LA this weekend. Those who are responsible for this are the specialists at Saleen. The car is super sophisticated, does not look like the other pony cars and has this outstanding output of 730 hp. And this all comes under the name of S302 Black Label. Under the hood of this beast-machine we find the 5.0L motor enhanced with twin-screw supercharger, which is the reason of the afo

saleen unveils mustang black label with unexpected 730hp [video]

Saleen Unveils Mustang Black Label with Unexpected 730HP [VIDEO]

Saleen’s Black Label Mustang was announced in the end of September and as we recall, it had to produce 640 horsepower. However, the much praised Ford Mustang was endowed with even more power and now reaches 730 hp. This is quite a pleasant surprise, isn’t it? Moreover, this pony car is one of the best developed by the specialists so far. We don’t have any official pictures but the video below shows that the 302 Black Label has been changed significantly from the outside too. First, the car ha

revology cars make the first ever ford mustang replica

Revology Cars Make the First Ever Ford Mustang Replica

Have you ever dreamt about driving the first generation Mustang, not in a restored form, but in a fresh form, just like it has arrived from the factory? Believe it or not, all things are possible since the Florida based car manufacturer, named Revology Cars, has produced the exact replica of the original 1964 Ford Mustang. The goal was to make a replica of the model, but with one simple difference - it should include all of the modern technologies that contemporary cars are infused with. So,

meet the first production rocket

Meet the First Production Rocket

The Rocket is a project which you probably remember from the L.A. Auto Show, when it was unveiled only in a prototype form. It is based on the latest Mustang and designed by Henrik Fisker and Galpin Auto Sports. What’s new is that the first production carbon-fiber infused 725 HP super-Mustang made debut this weekend at the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance. L.A. impressed us with the fact that the car was inspired by those very iconic pony cars of the 1960s and early 1970s, like the 1968 Shel

petty’s garage mustang gt is the perfect rock 'n' roll muscle car

Petty’s Garage Mustang GT is the Perfect Rock 'n' Roll Muscle Car

Do you remember the exuberating light blue Mustang GT from the SEMA Show? Precisely, we are talking about Petty’s Garage project which stunned the public with its new characteristics and key modifications. Now, the muscle car is heading to Ford’s dealerships, where exactly 143 units of it will be sold. Depending on the Stage program, they will come in two “forms”. The Stage 1 version will be narrowed to 100 examples and the rest 43 units will be reserved for the Stage 2 Mustang. Every single

shelby launches shelby gt at barrett-jackson and sells shelby gt350r vin#001 for 1 million us dollars!

Shelby Launches Shelby GT at Barrett-Jackson and Sells Shelby GT350R VIN#001 for 1 Million US Dollars!

Shelby has launched the first Shelby GT muscle car based on the popular Mustang GT. With its 627 horsepower, the car was unveiled during the weekend at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction. More importantly, the company is ready to take orders for the model with the first deliveries planned for the second quarter of this year. Every aspect of the Shelby GT is enhanced and in addition, this car includes Ford Racing Performance Parts. For instance, one of them is the 627 hp supercharger, or t

ford to auction first production shelby gt350 mustang

Ford to Auction First Production Shelby GT350 Mustang

The first production unit of the brand new Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang is going to be auctioned by Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale. All off the gathered proceeds are to benefit the JDRF, which is USA’s leading world organization funding type 1 diabetes research. The auction will happen on 17h of January. The one who will win by bidding will be able to choose from available colors and packages for the muscle car. With this event Ford will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the legendary Shelby GT350