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Nissan LEAF Tag Feed
nissan invents leaf ev that glows in the dark [video]

Nissan Invents LEAF EV that Glows in the Dark [VIDEO]

Nissan has just released a very interesting video showing the first car to have to glow-in-the-dark paint scheme. By doing this, the company writes history, being the first manufacturer to partner with similarly innovative inventor, Hamish Scott, to create paint that uses UV energy absorbed during daylight to glow at night. And of course the model to apply this new “color”-approach is the all-electric LEAF. Hamish Scott is creator of STARPATH. This is a spray-applied coating that absorbs UV e

nissan leaf owners to charge vehicle for free in chicago

Nissan LEAF Owners to Charge Vehicle for Free in Chicago

You may think that electric cars are too expensive while offering a limited driving range but they do come with numerous benefits – quiet operation, excellent acceleration, no harmful emissions and in some places even tax benefits. Now there’s one more reason to buy an electric vehicle, at least when it comes to Nissan – owners of Nissan LEAF cars will be allowed to charge their vehicles for free in Chicago, IL. The news comes from Nissan itself. Here’s the deal – by purchasing or leasing

nissan ships first all-electric taxis to barcelona and madrid

Nissan ships first all-electric taxis to Barcelona and Madrid

The Japanese auto maker Nissan has delivered the first all-electric taxis to the Spanish cities of Madrid and Barcelona. The introduction of the new Nissan electric vehicles means that these two cities will enjoy emission-free and quiet transportation from now on. The vehicles delivered to Barcelona are e-NV200 units and they are the first step in the execution of an agreement between Nissan, the city of Barcelona and the Barcelona metropolitan area. An interesting fact is that the Nissan

nissan leaf - the world's cleanest self-washing car

Nissan Leaf - The World's Cleanest Self-Washing Car

The 2015 new zero emission hatchback Nissan Leaf was crowned as a cleanest car in the world. Nissan introduced an innovative paint technology that repels mud, water, oil and everyday dirt. Nissan Leaf’s exterior was treated with a specially engineered superhydrophobic and oleophobic paint, that repels every dirt by creating a protective layer of air between paint and environment. Rain, mud and oil beads are wiped out from the car, leaving the electric machine clean. The special paint i

2014 nissan leaf - us price

2014 Nissan Leaf - US Price

Nissan US has announced the pricing of 2014 LEAF starting from $28,980 for the S model. The 100% electric vehicle continues to offer outstanding value, with prices comparable to similar gasoline-powered cars after applicable tax credits. 2014 Nissan LEAF is available in three trim levels: S, SV and SL, along with option packages offering advanced systems such as Around View Monitor and 7-speaker Bose premium audio. Enhancements for MY2014 include the addition of the RearView Monitor as

nissan partners with apple for the itunes radio

Nissan Partners With Apple For The iTunes Radio

Nissan is going to be the exclusive automotive partner for the launch of Apple's iTunes Radio. The latter will benefit from new creative formats, including audio and video, across Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and PC. 2014 Nissan Rogue , 2014 Nissan Versa Note and Nissan LEAF electric vehicle will be among the first to be equipped with the one-of-a-kind iTunes Radio, which in addition will be integrated in the vehicles. Furthermore, there is also a campaign theme going on for the

nissan leaf starts patrolling portuguese streets

Nissan Leaf starts patrolling Portuguese streets

Nissan Leaf Blue Light will be used by the police in Portugal. Not only one example of the Leaf will support the local patrolmen but a whole fleet of eight units. In fact this Nissan model is famous with its multi-awards for being one of the best zero-emission cars currently on the market. The car will be also utilized in a Safe School Program, and thanks to the flashing blue lights, sirens and clear ‘Polícia' markings, the students will be called upon to perform thier police duties. Of co

2012 nissan leaf powered by

2012 Nissan Leaf powered by "LEAF to Home" Power Supply System With "EV Power Station"

Nissan Motor Corporation and Nichicon are going to launch "LEAF to Home" Power Supply System with "EV Power Station". The "LEAF to Home" power supply system can supply electricity from batteries onboard in 2012 Nissan LEAF electric vehicles (EV) to homes when used with the "EV Power Station" unit. The latter is developed by Nichicon Corporation. In fact, "LEAF to Home" is an industry first backup power supply system. What it can do basically is that it can transmit the electricity stored in t

some facts about electric vehicles

Some facts about Electric Vehicles

Behind the history of the electric vehicle are more than hundred years. Yes, I was surprised to find out this too. In particular, their history began in the middle years of the 19th century. However, at this time it was really costly to afford such automobile. Moreover, compared to internal combustion vehicles, the electric ones had much lower speed. Gradually this led to their extinction worldwide. Nowadays what we experience is quite the opposite. As we can see ourselves on the market are grad

nissan leaf severe weather test [video]

Nissan LEAF Severe Weather Test [VIDEO]

We have all been there: it's minus 15 Celsius outside, snow chunks fall down on you like there's no tomorrow and you can't call anyone because your cellphone is dead. It wasn't dead 3 minutes ago. In fact it had 2 lines of battery on the screen but now it's  over because the reality of the situation is that weather does affect the efficiency of Li-ion batteries. It's the same frightening story with electric vehicles – what if I run out of juice in the middle of nowhere? Well Nissan are painfully

nismo march concept debut [video]

Nismo March Concept Debut [VIDEO]

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 is over and Nissan have managed to leave a long lasting impression from their presentations. Along with the Nismo Juke and Nismo LEAF electric car, a Nismo March Concept made a surprise appearance appearance and feedback is turning out to be good. In comparison to the standard version, the Nismo March Concept is not strikingly different. In fact the only mechanical bit introduced to a tuning kit is the suspension. Other then that the ride is lowered, the wheels are light

nissan e-nv200 concept

Nissan e-NV200 Concept

Nissan has revealed the e-NV200 Concept, which will makes its official debut at the 2012 North American Auto Show in Detroit. The vehicle is based on the popular Nissan NV200 multi-usage vehicle and features a full electric drivetrain. "With its ‘no gas, no tailpipe, no emissions' powertrain, the Nissan e-NV200 Concept combines a quiet, comfortable driving experience with a large, highly versatile, functional interior space within a compact overall body length," commented Hideto Murakami, cor