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nissan leaf e+ receives two prestigious awards from pocket-lint!

Nissan LEAF e+ receives two prestigious awards from Pocket-lint!

Nissan LEAF e+ has been named overall “Product of the Year” as well as “Best Car” at the EE Pocket-lint Awards 2019. The awards celebrate the best technologies, gadgets and games of the last 12 months, as voted for by both the industry and general public. Shortlisted from the numerous other Pocket-lint reviewed this year, the 19 final winners are the best of the best in their categories. In the “Best Car” award, LEAF e+ managed to reach higher positions than the rivalling Audi, Mercedes and e

nissan announces details and prices for new 2019 leaf plus

Nissan announces details and prices for new 2019 LEAF PLUS

Nissan team announces details and pricing for the new LEAF PLUS model. What is special about this particular one, is that the “PLUS” stands for increased energy density of vehicle’s 62kWh battery pack and the higher 214hp output. Furthermore, LEAF PLUS adds range with a total of 50 per cent, compared to predecessor models to the incredible 226 miles. (150 mile range for the standard 2019 Nissan LEAF). In fact, the engine also allows faster acceleration at fast speeds and offers some enhanc

nissan reveals new leaf nismo rc sports car. details here!

Nissan reveals new LEAF NISMO RC sports car. Details here!

All-new Nissan LEAF NISMO RC, an electric sports vehicle, has been unveiled in Tokyo. Sexy and capable, new family member showcases design team’s dedication and capability for delivering a contemporary design and refined drivetrain system. With two electric motors, new AWD system and aggressive body expression, the track-ready machine adopts Nissan’s vision for electric power and zero emission goals. A key component in the project is brand’s Intelligent Mobility vision, which features new bat

nissan showcases new technologies and future plans at geneva show

Nissan showcases new technologies and future plans at Geneva Show

Nissan pushes the boundaries of all that is convenience and has always showcased incredible products, systems and everyday life solutions. And as it seems, the team now is hitting these boundaries again. And as it seems, they are pushing them really hard. First of all, we have seen the unveiling of the all-new all-electric ABB FIA Formula E Championship race car. It marks the ambition of Nissan team to dominate the race track one more time. The vehicle will make its first circuit debut at the

long term use of electric vehicles?

Long term use of Electric Vehicles?

Or why it might be a strikingly bad idea In ten years one million electric cars are expected to be rolling on the roads of America. There is a lot of money going on here, and billions have been invested in subsidizing the production of the EVs and all of the components they use. And we are all familiar with the benefits electric cars offer, but what we aren’t exposed to is the disadvantages of owing an electric car.To be more specific, what the long term problems might be. First, the c

nissan leaf celebrates its fifth birthday with exclusive spotify playlist

Nissan LEAF Celebrates its Fifth Birthday With Exclusive Spotify Playlist

Nissan launches special Spotify playlist exclusive for all LEAF fans out there in celebration of the fifth anniversary of the world's first all-electric Nissan LEAF. All Spotify users now can search for the "100% Nissan LEAF 5th Birthday" playlist and enjoy the special 10 fan-suggested songs that can be streamed on all Nissan vehicles. As you remember, the first all-electric Nissan LEAF vehicle was unveiled back in December 11, 2010 at the San Francisco Motor Show and since this glorious mome

here are nissan's plans for more ecological future [video]

Here Are Nissan's Plans for More Ecological Future [VIDEO]

The leader in electric vehicle manufacturies, Nissan showed the first glimpse of its ideas for the Fuel Station of the Future concept in partnership with the innovative architects Foster + Partners. In an exclusive 20-second video they demonstrate their final idea about the future. Details for this project will be available in March, next year. As you might remember, last month Nissan demonstrated the 7kW wireless charging device that can easily recharge overnight the large battery packs. In

is this the next generation nissan leaf?

Is This The Next Generation Nissan Leaf?

‘Together we ride to Tokyo’ is what Nissan has to say about this image. The Japanese company also revealed that this is the ‘future vision of car intelligence and electrification’ and that the car from the teaser image will be previewed at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. Since we know these facts, it is perfectly logical to ask whether this could be the next Nissan Leaf. And since we have made a highlighted version of the image, which is shown below, it surely speaks in favor of our theory, doesn’

nissan leaf continues the fight with the climage changes

Nissan LEAF Continues the Fight With the Climage Changes

Nissan LEAF electric vehicle happens to be one of the most successful in brand's recent years. Something more, Nissan Motor Ltd. today celebrates the incredible amount of sold units in the UK: more than 10,000. Originally launched in 2011, Nissan LEAF electric vehicle showed that electricity and quality can go hand-to-hand, without any serious problems. Oh, well.. the vehicle itself looks amazingly ugly with its strangely placed headlights and the stupidly smiling low grille, that together form

nissan leaf range expands to fight global climate change

Nissan LEAF Range Expands to Fight Global Climate Change

Nissan LEAF range has expanded to four trim grades due to the addition of the new Acenta+ trim level. It will accompany the Tekna, Acenta and Visia models, adding some special standard features. As a matter of fact, this introduction is not something unexpected since the electric LEAF has achieved such great success. Maybe many of us are skeptic about EVs, but after all the automotive industry envision expansion in the electric segment next to the downsizing of he engines. And this is all for th

nissan invents leaf ev that glows in the dark [video]

Nissan Invents LEAF EV that Glows in the Dark [VIDEO]

Nissan has just released a very interesting video showing the first car to have to glow-in-the-dark paint scheme. By doing this, the company writes history, being the first manufacturer to partner with similarly innovative inventor, Hamish Scott, to create paint that uses UV energy absorbed during daylight to glow at night. And of course the model to apply this new “color”-approach is the all-electric LEAF. Hamish Scott is creator of STARPATH. This is a spray-applied coating that absorbs UV e

nissan leaf owners to charge vehicle for free in chicago

Nissan LEAF Owners to Charge Vehicle for Free in Chicago

You may think that electric cars are too expensive while offering a limited driving range but they do come with numerous benefits – quiet operation, excellent acceleration, no harmful emissions and in some places even tax benefits. Now there’s one more reason to buy an electric vehicle, at least when it comes to Nissan – owners of Nissan LEAF cars will be allowed to charge their vehicles for free in Chicago, IL. The news comes from Nissan itself. Here’s the deal – by purchasing or leasing