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Acura News

4 crucial factors to consider when buying a car

Whether it’s for work, luxury, or convenience, most of us will likely need a vehicle at some point in our lives. However, this is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in your lifetime, and factors such as budget, the mode of payment, maintenance costs, and your specific needs should be considered before purchasing a car. To make the process less daunting for you, here are four crucial factors to consider when buying a car. 1. Your Needs When purchasing a car, your decision should be driven by your needs.

utv accessories for those who want the best

There comes a time when you want to upgrade your UTV and make it even more fun and engaging in offroad (or even on-road) scenarios. And when that time comes, it’s only natural for you to follow your gut instincts and try to make your UTV better. However, instinct alone is not enough to turn your side by side into a monster. Instead, you will also need some knowledge of what to get and what to expect depending on your goals. For example, the same accessories for making your UTV street legal don’t warrant the

8 essential things to know when owning a car

Nowadays, it’s so much easier to become a car owner than it has been many years back. There are many options from more affordable ones, to high class luxury cars. Second hand cars are also getting better, quality-wise. People seem to have more purchasing power, through better financing options. These are only some of the factors that bring in more people toward owning a car. But, remember that this is a tough responsibility to have. As you enjoy the comforts of your own vehicle, there are certain obligations y

acura reveals first details for the new 2021 type s

Acura announced the on-sale timing for the new 2021 TLX Type S, which returns the Type S performance to the showrooms for the first time in more than 10 years. Inspired by the award-winning second-generation Acura TLX, the new Type S comes with an exclusive V6 power unit, a sport-tuned chassis with double-wishbone fron

are urban streets more dangerous than rural roads in the uk?   

The UK’s road network has never been more vital, with the country slowly starting to return to normal in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and more of us starting to use our cars again after weeks spent in lockdown. However, given that many of us won’t have sat behind a wheel for quite a while, it’s only natural that we might feel a little uncomfortable at first. However, if you are living outside of a major city then you might be ple

acura shares further details for new tlx prior to unveiling date

2021 Acura TLX, which will be digitally revealed on Thursday, May, 28, is based on a new Acura-exclusive sports sedan platform. The new TLX features a dedicated architecture especially molded by the Type S vehicles. Such a system includes a highly rigid body and performance-focused chassis highlighted by the return of double-wishbone front suspension. This new TLX suspension system is comprised of two wishbone-shaped control arms, in place of

auto plans from palmer administrative services can reduce car users anxiety levels during covid-19

The insidious Covid-19 is affecting the lives of everyone, including car users who are feeling anxious about their car payment plan. Many people are losing their jobs while others are facing pay-cut problems. In that situation, companies like Palmer Administrative services are offering a sigh of relief to their customers through some customized auto protection plans. Create a plan that suits your budget and your current financial situation. There

acura reveals the first image of the upcoming txl sports sedan

Acura will reveal a completely revised TLX Sport Sedan digitally on May 28. The team promises dramatic gains in terms of performance and also some sweeping changes as it comes to exterior design. What we also expect is that the vehicle will be the fastest and most advanced Acura to date. The TLX will make its public debut in a short movie at Acura’s official website on Thursday, May 28 at 10:00 am PDT. In terms of aesthetics, the exterior

auto parts online: what to know before you shop

These days, you can expect to find all kinds of auto parts online. Shopping auto parts online offers a world of possibilities as you can compare products carefully in terms of quality, price, and everything. You can make well-informed decisions after reading the details of the parts available online. Going to physical auto parts will always take your efforts, time, and money. You can save money by paying less online for auto parts as the competition is high for auto parts online. If you are just ready to do your re

top tools to help maintain your car

Maintaining a motor comes down to how much you put in. Whether you want your car to last for years to come or you’re trying to navigate the growing number of potholes, making sure you know how to properly look after your vehicle is a sure-fire way to make sure it flies through the next MOT and saves you having to start looking for a new model. If you’re keen to put your skills to use and do some DIY maintenance on your car, having a good idea of the top tools to have in your stash is a gr

what to do with a car with a blown engine

No one will like to hear that “your car has a blown engine” from the mechanic. If you are having your own vehicle, the worst thing is to deal with a blown engine. The primary purpose of the diesel is to enforce the car into motion so that the vehicle can move. Your body changes the food into energy the same as the engine of the vehicle changes the gasoline into action. Blown engine means that running out of oil, or overheating, and it can be caused significant damage. Blown engines need to be replaced or rebuil

trent hindman and shelby blackstock team up for upcoming championships!

Trent Hindman, the 2019 International Motor Sports Association GT Daytona class champion, will pair with Shelby Blackstock, a multi-race winner with his Civic Type R TCR, for a full-season effort in the 2020 SRO GT World Challenge America Series in an Acura NSX GT3 Evo. Blackstock and Hindman will compete for Racers Edge Motorsports as a Silver Cup team in the 13-round GT Championship which features world-class competitors. The pair seems to b