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kahn porsche 911 with wide body styling package is coming soon

Kahn Porsche 911 with Wide Body Styling Package is Coming Soon

Kahn Porsche 911 is going t be equipped with Kahn’s unique Wide Body Styling Package. The car vehicle is not ready yet, but the designer promises it is set to be revealed very soon. This Porsche model is definitely a car which has left its imprint on the automotive world. However, the aim of the tuners is to deliver more evolved version of the current one and to excite more Porsche enthusiasts. And they definitely will! Afzal Kahn himself said that the car will retain its classic look but

oxigen add color to 14 oxrock line

Oxigen Add Color to 14 Oxrock Line

Let's talk about wrapping again. Apparently a fairly popular marque of wheels can now come with certain candy shades. It's the 14 Oxrock line from Oxigin – the Esslingen, Germany based manufacturer. All Oxigin 14 alloy wheels can have some high-grade foil applied to them and the colour spectrum is immense. Leather based foils are also available. Also, unless you like to grind curbs on a daily basis, the wrapping should last and should not fade. Oxigen even have a sample car for us which is

porsche exclusive 911 carrera s

Porsche Exclusive 911 Carrera S

Aftermarket enhancements is what most tuning houses do, no question about it. If one seeks to extract something extra from his/hers Porsche, the logical thing to do is contacting the people from SpeedART, TECHART, 9ff or even RUF. Now though, you can turn to Porsche Exclusive... if you happen to have a Porsche 911 Carrera S. They will be more than happy to provide some extra oomph for the engine with their 'Porsche Exclusive Program.' With that in place, your Carrera S will have 450 bhp inst

champion motorsports street-legal porsche 911 rsr

Champion Motorsports street-legal Porsche 911 RSR

Champion Motorsports has announced their tuned version of Porsche 911 Turbo S. The name of the project is Porsche 911 GT3 RSR and the tuner from Pompano Beach, Forida has practically rebuilt the project vehicle. The performance upgrade includes a pair of new VTG turbochargers and straight-pipe exhaust. The result is astonishing – 575HP (423 kW) and 844Nm (625 lb-ft) of torque. There are also other interesting improvements – carbon fiber RSR bodywork, factory RSR floor undertray, new suspen

nakai-san from rauh welt begriff: thoughts on the creative process [video]

Nakai-San from Rauh Welt Begriff: thoughts on the creative process [VIDEO]

If you hear for the first time the name Nikai-San or are unfamiliar with Rauh Welt Begriff (RWB), then it is time to be introduced with a bit more information about this amazing Japan-based Porsche tuner. Basically RWB has combined Japanese and Euro tuning elements, with the only aim – to create uniqueness. In particular, Nikai-San puts this philosophy into practice and creates the distinct RWB style for Porsche chassis. And the Porsches created are one-of-a-kind and belong to the sole custom

honda nsx twin turbo vs porsche 911 turbo s [hd video]

Honda NSX Twin Turbo vs Porsche 911 Turbo S [HD video]

“Power is nothing without control”, this is very popular phrase in the world of motorsport and especially in drag racing, where the highly tuned cars have to be driven extremely carefully in order to get maximum traction and perfect times. In this video by Dragtimesinfo, you’ll see a Honda NSX Twin Turbo prepared by Total Race with 700HP versus Porsche 911 Turbo S (997) Mk.2 Stock with just 530HP. However, the Porsche made a perfect start and set a terminal speed of 282.74 km/h in the first,

2014 porsche 911 gt3 [render]

2014 Porsche 911 GT3 [render]

Here are several suggestion about the look of the 991 GT3. The 2014 Porsche 911 GT3 will hit the European market in the next year, but until then Wildspeed showed several renderings in different colours. The pictures show a possible look for the final production model Porsche 991 GT3.The track model comes with a lot of aerodynamics elements, but the most distinguishable is the massive rear wing. There is also a new rear diffuser with two centrally mounted exhausts pipes, a new front hood with ai

porsche 911 - best performance car of 2012

Porsche 911 - Best Performance Car of 2012

A bit of trivia from the New York International Auto Show: the Porsche 911, the seventh one, has been named the 2012 World Performance Car. The news came at a press conference held by Bridgestone Corporation. There were other 33 contenders involved. This annual award is usually presented after a careful assessment of the participants by 66 top-level automotive journalists from 25 countries around the world A.K.A an international jury. Each juror is typycally experienced in test driving, reviewi

speedart sp91-r porsche 991 carrera

SpeedART SP91-R Porsche 991 Carrera

News from the German tuner house SpeedART. It's an update on their SP91-R project. As we all know by now, the subject is the latest 911/991 Carrera S (Porsche is sort of their turf) – fresh yet grunty, slippery and stylish it has all there is to have when it comes to performance customization. When it comes to power, ECU upgrades and calibration are to be available for both the Carrera and Carrera S engines – that means a projected power increase of 25 hp and 20 Nm. On the other hand. the sport

jeep srt-8 vs mustang, 911 turbo, cayenne and x6m

Jeep SRT-8 vs Mustang, 911 Turbo, Cayenne and X6M

Here are several starts of a brutal Jeep Cherokee SRT-8 Supercharged with 700HP against some powerful, tuned vehicles - BMW X6M Hamann Stage 2 670HP, Porsche Cayenne Turbo Gemballa GT600 with 600HP, Ford Mustang GT500 612hp and Porsche 911 Turbo Stage 2 580HP. As you can see, all these SAVs and cars are underpowered, but as we know – power is nothing without control. Although the BMW starts first with reaction time of only 0.310 seconds, it is quickly overtaken by the Jeep. The X6 M crosses t

porsche at 2012 techno classica

Porsche at 2012 Techno Classica

Porsche will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the iconic 911 RS 2.7 at Techno Classica, in Essen, Germany, from March 21-25. Techno Classica is the world’s largest trade fair dedicated to classic cars, and this year’s event will see Porsche Classic showcase its wide range of customer services on a stand more than twice as large as last year’s. To mark the occasion, two racing versions of the 911 Carrera RS from the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart are on display. The first is a 1973 911 Carrer

vorsteiner v-rt 911 twin turbo cabriolet

Vorsteiner V-RT 911 Twin Turbo Cabriolet

Lately, a lot of Vorsteiner dealers tend to showcase exotic cars with kits and wheels from the source. This one is from Wheels Boutique in Florida. Vorsteiner VR-T components expose themselves here and there on this Porsche 911 Twin Turbo Cabriolet. The VR-T line front bumper seems just about right for the job. It houses bigger carbon fiber air intakes and throws away the factory fog lights and headlight washer bezzles. The VR-T rear bumper works on the wide aspects of the Porsche – the flaring