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BMW News

dÄhler is taking the bmw x4 m40i to unknown levels of performance and aerodynamics

dÄHLer BMW X4 M40i equipped with tuner’s “competition line” offers unmatched horsepower The tuning company dÄHLer strikes again with an exclusive project, which this time is based on the X4 M40i powered by the N55-engine. The significant customization pushes further the innate capabilities of the SUV. Equipped with what the tuner is calling “dÄHLer competition line”, this X4 M40i is more powerful and dynamic as it has ever bee

jms offers distinctive ways for bmw m1 improvement

JMS BMW M1 run on brand new alloys and features upgraded suspension BMW 1 Series M Coupe is not the typical Bavarian model that the fans would rather go for. In fact, exactly this variant, which was introduced back in 2011, is one of the least seen on the streets. Not only because of the fact that it is 1 Series M

g-power shows how to make the fastest coupe even faster

BMW M4 Coupe gets a comprehensive power upgrade Did you know that the BMW M4 GTS is almost twice the price of a normal M4 Coupe? It is priced approximately at 142,600 euros ($161,200 USD), but this does not seem to bother enthusiasts. Another interesting fact about the limited edition M4 GTS is that it will be p

speed-buster celebrates the 30th anniversary of bmw m5 with unique tuning program

SPEED-BUSTER offers comprehensive power upgrade for the entire BMW M5 range BMW 5-Series is 44 years old! Can you believe that? It is almost impossible to grasp that one of the most iconic models in BMW’s lineup has debuted back in 1972 and ever since then it has been praised as being one of the best middle class prestige saloons. Fourteen years later, in 1986, BMW released an M version (M5) of the model, topping a 286 hp of performance

the ultimate performance machine bmw m2 gets styling and performance upgrade

Alpha-N Performance proudly presents an updated variant of the M2 What is better than an M2? An updated variant of an M2, of course! The responsible for today’s update of the ultimate car are the tuners at Alpha-N Performance, which have made the model more attractive and potent, and way faster. The M2 upgrade programme begins with a choice of three boot-lid mounted spoilers. A particular highlight here is the newly designed and fully

blackout is the newest trend for bmw x3

200 examples to be produced only BMW is celebrating this year its centenary and for this reason we are witnessing the birth of models, which are limited in production, and special in appearance and specifications. The Bavarian company has just announced the next model in the list of Celebration Editions. It is based on the X3 and it is all-black. As it might sound (and look) very cool, there is a very sad fact. Unfortunately, the SUV will only be seen on the streets of Japan. What’s so special about this

g-power shows how the bmw x5 m could have unlimited source of power

G-Power uprates second gen BMW X5 M F85 to 750 HP and 980 Nm  BMW X5 M is in its second generation and is one of those outstanding SUVs that offer not only style, but also performance. Powered by a twin-turbo V8 with significant potential, (575 hp and 650 Nm of torque), the X5 have capabilities that other rivals should be envious about. But what happens when you want to extract power even further? Obviously, the first thing you can do is fi

is there anything special about the new alpina models? you be the judge [w/video]

ALPINA's flagship model, the B7 Bi-Turbo will make its UK debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. After some sweet feedback, designers feel confident enough to continue with the show-off. The B7 will be displayed alongside the B4 Bi-Turbo Convertible, also making its first official debut in UK. Both vehicles have a lot to show and both of them are worth reviewing. So, let's start with the B7 Bi-Turbo. ALPINA B7 Bi-Turbo The whole lineup is kn

when one 600hp bmw is not enough, you make two of them!

G-Power BMW M3 (F80) and M4 (F82) deliver 1,200 hp combined output! G-Power is one of the main companies out there which specialize in BMW tuning. There is no doubt that by doing so they make the enthusiasts happier than before. Adding to the excitement is the fact that the experts usually work with the M-Series

iconic 1957 bmw 507 makes exclusive comeback at goodwood

1957 BMW 507 sports car, which is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive rarities and collectibles out there, is going to open this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. The founder of the event, Lord March, will drive the one-off model up the 1.16-mile hillclimb course on June 23. As a matter of fact, BMW is Honoured Ma

bmw m2 making it to 410hp and 630 nm thanks to evox upgrade

BMW M2 will most surely make it one day to a BMW classic. It has been regarded lately as the perfect sports car that offers enjoyable and fun ride at the amount of around $50,000USD. And it is exactly what BMW stood for back in the days: making two-door models that were offering unique ride. Just remember the original M3. Being the newest addition to the M lineup, the BMW M2 Coupe seems to slowly become the epitaph of Bavarian company’s high

2017 bmw 3 series gran turismo gets significant updates. here is what you should expect

2017 BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo is one of the most attractive models out there. It is currently being prepared to be officially launched on the market this summer, and for that reason the Bavarian company has added some significant updates, which the new customers would most definitely enjoy. Besides the benefit of the coupe-like appearance mixed with the spaciousness of a sedan and the boot capacity of a station wagon, the 3 Series Gran Turism