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Hyundai News

hyundai kona receives prestigious awards for overall excellent vehicle

The revised and recently announced 2018 Hyundai Kona was honored as the Best Economic Performance and Best 5 All-Around Performance awards from the Automotive Science Group. And given that Hyundai has marked incredible selling reports and offers vast quality for the cash, we agree with jury’s decision. In order to be able to compete and potentially win such an award a vehicle should undergo a special analyzing program that makes conclusion a

hyudai wins a prestigious prize at the red dot award show

Hyundai Motor has earned two prestigious awards at this year’s Red Dot Design Awards show. As you might know, this is one of the most renowned design and innovation prizes that a car manufacturer can take home. And given that Hyundai team has done a lot in contribution to the world of motorsport, it is no wonder that

hyundai showcases latest tucson suv: it is just unveiled at the new york show

Audience at the 2018 New York International Auto Show has witnessed the unveiling of the latest Hyundai Tucson – one of brand’s most popular and prominent models. Designed and built in Europe, this compact SUV enters the competition with confidence, tons of features and refined drivetrain system. So, let’s check out some more! Drivetrain and convenience features The Tucson can be specified with two diesel and two petrol engines. All o

2017 i30 tourer: should we be hyped for this one?

And yet we see another generation of i30 Tourer get shown to the world. This year’s Geneva Motor Show is the chosen stage for Hyundai team to unveil the latest model in the lineup and showcase why it is better than the previous generations. Or, at least, they would try to do so. So, what should we expect? This latest i30 machine demonstrates some sexy curves and lines, all along with tons of utility and versatility features: there is this widened boot space of 602 liters that widens up to 1,650, when the seats

is the new hyundai i30 really that impressive? let's check out!

Hyundai Motor UK has finally announced further details for the new generation of i30 beasts that are expected to hit the roads in March this year. This latest addition to the lineup will come with even more safety systems and utility equipment, all along with revised Lane Departure Warning System, Forward Collision Warning System, Lane Keep Assist and many more. Offered in four trim levels, the new i30 is also one of the most flexible model

the barn find vehicle trend: why do everyone love it?

About “Barn Find” Vehicles The term “barn find” has a serious significance. In case you are unfamiliar with that term, a barn find is a car that has been in storage for a long time, sometimes for decades. In some cases these vehicles are really stored in old barns but they are more likely to have re

ioniq is on sale! here's all you should know about hyundai's bold approach towards future!

IONIQ, Hyundai’s bold challenge towards the future is officially on sale! UK buyers will be pleased to know that the lineup offers Hybrid and Electric variants and a bit later in 2017 there will be available Plug-In Hybrids. But the drivetrain system is not the only impressive thing in the lineup. The exterior is eye-catching, just like the interior is. All IONIQ models feature airflow-optimized body, aluminum bonnet and tailgate, ample c

we present you some of the best vehicle insurance tips we have encountered! enjoy!

How to Lower the Cost of Car Insurance Many car owners aren’t aware that there many ways that drivers can save on their automobile insurance – and it can be pretty easy to do.  In this article, we give you a number of ways that you can quickly use to lower your insurance premiums. Look around before buying. According to industry statistics, only 40% of car owners in the United States looked around for auto insurance last

the real beauty is within. or, at least, hyundai team believes so!

Azera lineup confidently prepares for the upcoming 2017 model year with new IQS segment and tons of additions. As you might already know, the Initial Quality Study has shown that 2016 Azera model offers the highest overall quality build and technologies in the whole segment. Definitely surprising news to many Hyundai sceptics, the vehicle still remains one of the most impressive for this year. However, Hyundai team hasn’t stopped here: it appea

hyundai shares first insights on the new generation i30 [w/video]

Hyundai i30 is entirely designed and developed in Europe The new generation Hyundai i30 is here…Well, almost. It will be revealed online on September 7th, meaning that there is nothing else for the brand to do other than to tease the new car with first official images. There are three of them and even better – there is a video showing more of the upcoming model. The facts and information given are scarce, but we are excited to understa

2017 elantra brings some sporty dynamics! check it out!

Hyundai unveiled the 2017 Elantra Sport! At the meeting of the Washington Automotive Press Association in Alexandria the audience witnessed the first public appearance of Hyundai's most powerful Elantra model so far. So, what's so special about this one? Powered by a 1.6-liter Turbo GDI four-cylinder power unit,

hyundai reveals more details for the upcoming ioniq lineup. check 'em out!

Hyundai Motor has finally announced more details for the IONIQ, world's first vehicle with three electric engines. With sales that start in October, the special car comes with the special IIONIQ Hybrid SE 1.6 GDI power unit, 15-inch alloys, DAB with bluetooth, Cruise Control and Rear Parking Sensors with Rear View Camera. Of course, Hyundai team geared and tons of safety gadgets: Autonomous Emergency Braking, Lane Keep Assist System and Individua