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Hyundai News

2016 hyundai tucson comes with four trims and numerous goodies

2016 Hyundai Tucson compact crossover comes with wonderful design, fine-tuned driving dynamics and also wonderful safety features. The latest Hyundai family member will be available for order later this month and the brand has already demonstrated some interesting solutions for different types of drivers and their lifestyles. 2016 Hyundai Tucson and the flexibility it offers First of all, 2016 Tucson will be available with four trim packs, that

hyundai tucson fuel cell and california drivers make a lunar visit

Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell has made an achievement which is worth reviewing. The car is so fuel efficient that its California-based drivers have accumulated enough emissions-free miles to reach the lunar surface and return. Well, there were emissions, but they comprise of clean water vapor only. The trip to the moon and back isn’t actually the same every time. If you ask why, this is because it varies with each lunar orbit. Of course, there is

hyundai creta teased with first official sketches

2015 Hyundai Creta subcompact SUV teaser images are here! Both exterior and interior have been shown via first official design sketches. The upcoming Creta SUV has fluidic design and sleek stance, making it stand confident on the ground. The interior looks spacious and abundant of a lot of gadgets. Hyundai Creta is based on Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 Design Philosophy This basically signifies that the new global SUV follows the premium look, which Hyundai has established through the years with its design strategy. As

hyundai is the first brand to incorporate android auto in its models

Hyundai team is the first to announce and launch the special Android Auto System on production vehicles. It will debut on the 2015 Sonata, that will include the special gadget as a part of the standard equipment, but later this year, the Android Auto will be incorporated in other Hyundai models. The system bring not only next-gen technology in the vehicle, but also helps to improve the safety. For example, as you might know, there are more tha

hyundai tucson fuel cell vehicle will attract customers with additional features

Hyundai's zero-emission hydrogen-powered Tucson Fuel Cell machine continues to attract customers, that desire a versatile and clean car. And now, despite the wonderful feedback, for 2016 Hyundai team will offer the Fuel Cell vehicle with additional gadgets: HomeLink connectivity, digital compass and two additional color options. Furthermore, the Tucson Fuel Cell customers will be granted with an advanced electric vehicle, that produces its own

hyundai ix35 is the first mass produced fuel cell ev

Zero-emissions mean more eco-friendliness and happier earth. It might seem strange to you but the emission-less cars become more and more important in out society, hence for the automotive industry, too. And as the time goes by, these vehicles become stronger, faster, lighter and more beautiful. Take for instance, H

hyundai with one more award for the tucson fuel cell

The Tucson Fuel Cell, which is Hyundai's hydrogen powered zero-emission environmentally friendly vehicle has won a Silver Edison Award  in Energy and Sustainability at the Edison Awards Gala. The award honors only the best in innovation and premium quality development of products. The Tucson Fuel Cell is, as you might

hyundai announces specifications for updated i40 range

Hyundai has released more specifics about the i40 and the great news that the model will get three new trim levels: Tourer, Saloon and SE Nav, next to the S, SE and Premium trims. This will not only add refreshed vibe in the range, but will also attract new buyers. In addition, the company has applied new design approa

hyundai will gear further models with v-6 twin-turbo engines

Hyundai Motor Co. decided to gear the monstrous Twin-Turbo V-6 powerplant to the Genesis sedan, that is part of the downsized and turbocharged engines. Actually, Dave Zuckowski, CEO of Hyundai Motor America, says, that the latest engine will be geared on the Genesis sedan in 2017 or even 2018 and will produce power of 420 hp (308 kW), with a 5.0-Liter Tau V-8, but with some weight-reduction upgrades. But before the engine arrives, the Hyundai

hyundai debuts the enduro concept in seoul

Hyundai  makes a world debut of the 2016 concept "Enduro", the urban crossover vehicle, at the 11th Seoul Motor Show. The concept car mixes the vision of a SUV vehicle and a rally motorcycle. The Enduro is specifically designed to meet the needs of modern people with an energetic and dynamic lifestyle. The concept features Hyundai’s design grille, aluminum aero blade, which both bring the confident and overall aggressive look of the car. Additional carefully crafted SUV-styled fender brings additional

hyundai shows the merciless rm15 concept

Hyundai Motor Company revealed the high-performance concept car, which is indeed the "RM15". This is a lightweight coupe with a striking vision, that features an aluminum core structure, carbon-fiber plastics and further weight-loss tweaks that altogether reduce the overall weight with a total of 195 kg, which means the car itself weights 1,260kg. The accent focuses not just to the lightweight structure, but to the overall performance and further general upgrades and improvements. The weight balance is precisely

hyundai exclusively reveals the new tucson

2016 Hyundai Tucson has just been exclusively revealed. The new C-Segment SUV will be unveiled in March during the Geneva Auto Saloon, showing off its bold and athletic exterior, refined interior and generous cabin space. What is more, the new car is already equipped with so much standard convenience, connectivity and safety features that it would be simply impossible for its rivals in the segment to compete with it. The vehicle e will be also offered with wide choice of engine, which has a power output ranging fro